Stationary Bikes Or Treadmills: Which Is Best For Burning Fat?

When it comes to home fitness equipment, stationary bikes and treadmills are the two most popular options. They appeal to those beginning their fitness journey. You can start slow and work up. At the same time these machines (above the most basic models) are enough to challenge even experienced fitness fans.

This page compares exercise bikes and treadmills – asking which is better for someone new to home fitness who would like to burn off some excess fat.

​You will find these machines compared on several practical factors below. You should also keep in mind your home environment. Treadmills tend to be noisy, while exercise bikes are less easy to fold away. You’ll be moving more on a treadmill, which makes them less suitable for using in front of the TV. As you will see below, this more vigorous movement does help to burn more calories.

​Best Home Gym Equipment for Burning Fat: Stationary Bikes / Exercise Bikes

Whether you refer to these machines as exercise bikes or stationary bikes, there is no doubting their popularity. Recently, bikes took on a new lease of life in the gym. You can now join group classes, led by an instructor, who will really put you through your paces.

Exercise bikes are and ideal starting point for people who are just getting started with keeping fit. The motion is low impact on the joints, and you can start with low-resistance easy pedalling action until your body starts to improve.The base calorie burn for an exercise bike is 300 per hour.

This assumes a lower resistance level and moderate peddling. You can improve this by upping the resistance (making it harder to pedal) and by using interval training of sprints and more steady periods.For many people, the big benefit of a home exercise bike is that it is quiet.

This allows you to pedal in front of the TV, or even read a book or use your smartphone while spinning. If the thought of only cycling sounds dull, you could also get a hybrid exercise bike and cross trainer.

Types Of Exercise Bike

At the budget end you can get an entry level bike for less than $150. I would recommend spending a little more, as the bikes in the under $250 range are much smoother, better built and have better electronics.

Look out for a heavier flywheel, as this will give you smoother pedalling resistance. Modern looking spinning bikes can also be bought. If you are seeking extra comfort, there are two options.

You can get a soft gel saddle cover – or opt for a recumbent bike, where you sit in a comfortable chair to pedal.

Best Home Gym Equipment for Burning Fat: Home Treadmills

A great compliment to running outside, treadmills come into their own during the winter months. This is a go-to for many people looking to burn some extra calories. The best thing about home treadmills is that you can work up from a brisk walk, to a jog – and as you get stronger to a full run.

Many treadmills fold away, standing upright for easy storage. I do recommend you get a rubber mat, as they can wear on your floor.Running on a treadmill averages 500 calories and hour, which is substantially more than exercise bikes. The motion is higher impact (on the knees in particular).

Getting a treadmill with a padded running surface, and / or investing in good running shoes should solve these issues.Some basic treadmills only go up to 10km / hour. This is a slow run at best for most people.

I recommend you choose one with a minimum of 12km / hour. Safety features should include a key that you attach to your clothing via string. This will automatically stop the machine should you fall off.Good treadmills come with built in programs. These will include endurance, cardio and high intensity options.

While it is more difficult to watch TV while running, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying music. Many treadmills are compatible with smartphones and MP3 players.

What To Look For On A Home Treadmill

I always check that a treadmill has incline. This might sound minor at first, though it will make a big difference. Incline affects both the intensity and variability of your run. This mimics outdoor running well, and can stop exercise from becoming boring.

Once again, stay away from the cheapest treadmills and invest in the models which are one step up. You’ll get much better electronic displays, padded running surfaces – and are less likely to end up with a squeaky, flimsy machine.

Summing Up

Both treadmills and exercise bikes are perfect for home fitness. These work for first time users, as you can start gently, and work your way up from there.

While treadmills burn more calories per hour, running is not everyone’s first choice. The best piece of equipment is the one you will enjoy using, and stick with for the longest.

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