30 Day Plank Challenge Results Before and After Photos

The 30-day plank challenge uses on 1 exercise every day. The minutes and hours spent for the exercise will gradually increase as the days go by building up your core slowly but surely while making it easy to complete the challenge till the final day.

You will only be doing each exercise for a certain amount of time during the day to ensure that you don’t over-do it. But if you feel you can repeat the day’s challenge more than once, you are free to do so. Remember though that you may find it more difficult to maintain multiple repetitions as the days accumulate.

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How to Plank Correctly

Planks are done by holding the trunk of your body above the ground or surface in straight position. There are several variations to this move including one-legged plank, forearm plank, push-up plank and those that integrate cardio elements.

This is not just a strengthening exercise, and it includes movement and balance elements as well.

Benefits of Plank Exercise

Planks can help the body:

  • Stand tall and upright with great posture.
  • Improve athleticism and balance.
  • Easily do every day actions such as carrying a box or getting up from bed.
  • Prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis and joint and muscular aches.
  • Maintain good metabolism and digestion.

If you want to acquire six-pack abs, you can do crunches, sit-ups, and other abdominal exercises together with the planks.

The bottom line here is that planks are a fantastic way of building up your core muscles and making it strong. If you complement it with other exercises routines, you can have a more dynamic and complete conditioning program.

Meet the challenge with caution though and consider your body’s limitations to avoid getting injured.

Check out these 30 day plank challenge before and after photos to get a better perspective of its results:

“Doing a month-long plank challenge gave me new respect for fitness professionals. I got just a small glimpse into how much effort, and time it takes to achieve and maintain core muscles like that. I do feel stronger and more stable in my day-to-day activities, like hauling kids around or when I’m trying to bring multiple hampers full of laundry up and down the stairs.” – Megan Zander

“This challenge served as a good test of my perseverance, and made me realize I’m more stubborn and determined than I thought and I was happy with the results.” - Binosusume Machin

30 – Day Plank Challenge Before and After Photo from shaneeandkimiseworkout.

30 – Day Plank Challenge Before and After Photo from shaneeandkimiseworkout.

30 Day Plank Challenge Results Before and After Photos from Jennifer Homes.

30 Day Plank Challenge Results Before and After Photos from Jennifer Homes.

“I’m officially one month into my workout and nutrition gig. I can feel my cardio base getting stronger, less bodily jiggle when I do jumping jacks and such, and most of my junk food cravings have ceased.” - TripleCrazy

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