30 Day Squat Challenge Before and After Pictures

This challenge uses only one type of exercise which you must do every day, and the minutes you spend doing the exercise will increase as the days go by to build up your core muscles - making it stronger and making sure that you get to the final day of the challenge.

30 Day Squat Challenge Before and After Pictures

All you need to follow is the time allotted per day in the 30-day squat challenge. But if you think you can do more during the day, then you may do some repetitions. Remember though that the exercise will become tougher as the days go by and you may need just to follow it as it is.

30 Day Squat Challenge Before and After Pictures

What Are Squats Good For?

Squats are full-body, compound exercises that work out many of your muscle groups. A simple squat will work out your buttocks, hips, and thighs. It will also work out your quadriceps femoris muscles that cover your rectus femoris, vast intermedius, vastus medialis and vastus lateralis.

does the 30 day squat challenge work

Squats also condition your hamstrings and strengthen your body’s tendons, ligaments, and bones. Squats also work out your costal muscles, trunk muscles, abdominals, upper and lower back – and your arms and shoulders isometrically – the muscles tense although they don’t contract.

Just some of major squat exercise benefits include:

  • Increase the size and strength of your buttocks and legs while working out your core’s strength.
  • Increase blood circulation in the body by stretching the muscles. Good circulation means that the body absorbs more oxygen and essential nutrients.
  • Squats burn extra fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat is burned during squat exercises. We all know that muscles assist in burning fat, and squatting on a regular basis will get you back into shape.
  • Squats help in improving the flexibility of the knees and other joints with the help of stretches.

30 Day Squat Challenge Before and After Pictures

Check out these 30 day squat challenge before and after pictures to get a better perspective of the results of the 30-day challenge:

30 day squat challenge results before and after pictures

“I've always been the girl that people have looked at and told to go eat a cheeseburger, or ten. I've always been naturally skinny with a super fast metabolism.” – Kinzey Ray Model. Source from kinzeyray.com.

“For all you out there who have been thinking of giving the squat challenge ago, here are my ‘before’ and ‘during’ pictures – the during ones are taken on day 18.” – Sofia Johansson. Source from sparklefromwords.wordpress.com.

30 day squat challenge results before and after pictures

“I didn't do it every day and still got great results!” – Mommy Dreaming. Source from mommy-dreaming.blogspot.com.

“Even if I didn't notice much of a difference myself, I could feel the difference. My legs feel stronger and doing 100 squats is easy. Usually, I'm out of breath faster than my legs are tired. I wanted to actually see progress, so I took some before and after pictures, and I'm honestly surprised!” – Emilie. Source from dailyemilie.blogspot.com.

“I think my butt did lift some and my thighs definitely look like they’ve bulked and toned some.” Source from 100squatsaday.wordpress.com.

30 Day Squat Challenge Before and After Pictures

“This works... I wasn't even 100 percent and I see a difference! So what this should tell us all are that squats really are our best friends, which shouldn't be a surprise. I mean, the more you squat the more lifted that butt becomes!” - Chandell Tytlandsvik. Source from dailyemilie.blogspot.com.

30 day squat challenge results before and after pictures

“I actually have a bit of a butt now and my legs are feeling so much stronger! 😀 great progress!” – Suck it In. Source from suckkitin.tumblr.com.

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