How To Build 6 Pack Abs In 2 Weeks At Home

Everyone has been crazy about getting the perfect body image these days. Who doesn’t? Acquiring those hot and perfect 6 pack abs in 2 weeks has always been everybody’s dream; however, only a few are successful in doing so.

Having those scorching abs seems like a long term work, but with the right amount of dedication, discipline, and workout routine, achieving 6 pack abs in 2 weeks is definitely possible.

If living a healthy life is what you are up to, then keeping your body fit is certainly a step you shouldn’t miss. These useful tips will give you the result that you want minus the expensive gym fees.

You don’t need to fish out a huge amount of cash from your savings or even make frequent trips to the gym to get the perfect body, just follow the steps below on how to build six pack abs at home and get an instant result in just two weeks.

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You Are What You Eat

Diet being a crucial element to achieving 6 pack abs in 2 weeks is a well-known fact. However, what many don’t understand is that diet is not about eating less food; it is more on being cautious on what you eat while making sure you get the right amount of nutrients that your body needs.

The effects of the food you eat will certainly show on your body, so you might want to take a double check before putting anything in your mouth.

Another misconception that most people think regarding balance diet is the fact that not all carbs are bad. “Slow carbs” (e.g. whole wheat) are recommended rather than the refined carbs often found in plain white bread.

Keeping your body hydrated is also a key factor to prepare yourself for a long or even a short 6 min abs workout routine. So, drink enough water and other liquids that are rich in electrolytes to keep that strength going while you are in your workout session.

It is recommended to keep a close watch of your diet before officially starting your intensive workout routine at home. This way, you can ensure that your body is ready for the major change.

It’s All About Hitting The Muscles Right

To get your 6 pack abs in no time, you’ve got to ensure you are doing the right type of exercise to help you build the right amount of muscles at the right places. Core muscle exercise is the perfect match for you to build some muscles in your abdominal area.

This type of exercise is highly recommended to build muscles in places where you want them to be.

Planking, curl-ups, bicycle, and reverse crunch are just a few of the 6 pack abs workout routine at home that you can do without needing those gym equipment. These exercise routines are accessible yet comprehensive types of workout that will shred the excess fats surrounding your abdomen.

Consistency Is The Key

No matter how intensive and rigorous your exercise plan is, if you are not doing it consistently, then all your efforts are good for nothing. The more consistent you are in your workout, the higher chance you have of getting that 6 pack abs. Doing your exercise routine regularly is also an efficient way of conditioning your body for a more intensive workout.

According to the 2006 Position Stand of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the recommended quantity for muscle fitness is around 2-3 times a week. During these times, around 8-10 exercises should be done, targeting the major muscles of your body.

Challenge Yourself To Do More

Keeping your workout routine varied is another thing to consider. If you are doing the same exercise for a long time, your muscles will get used to it, lessening its efficiency in the process. Challenging yourself to do more will speed up the result of your hard work. In those recommended 8-10 exercises a week, you can decide on different routines in ascending level of intensity.

Start with a light workout routine first, then gradually increase its intensity day after day. It is best not to strain or pull your muscles way too fast to avoid torn tissues and muscle fatigue.

You Know You’d Love the Chores

One effective way of achieving a healthy and fit body while doing something else worthwhile is through doing your household chores. Instead of lifting those weights in the gym, why not take the time in doing some thorough cleaning around your house or some landscaping in your garden? These surely are some best 6 pack workout routine alternatives that target your muscle strength.

Say No To Excuses & Lazy Alibis

If you want it, you have to work hard for it. One of the downsides of doing your workout routine at home is that you are surrounded by a lot of temptations. However, if you are really determined to succeed, then there is no excuse not to accomplish and get what you want. Having 6 pack abs in no time or being fit, in general, takes more than just perseverance. You have to learn how to discipline yourselves to follow suit your routine every day.

Sufficient Sleep is Essential

As much as you want to spend more of your time doing crunches and curl-ups, your body also needs to rest. Health and fitness experts agree that getting sufficient sleep is an important factor in keeping your body fit and healthy. The more sleep you get, the more stress-free you feel. Moreover, you get to lose more fats when sleeping as compared to being awake.


Achieving 6 pack abs in 2 weeks is not just essential to get that attention-grabbing physique, but it is also a proof that you live an ideal and healthy lifestyle. Share these informative tips to your friends and start building that 6 pack abs and living a healthy life together!

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