Best Bicep Workouts For Women To Tone Up That Fluff

Who says that bicep workouts are only for men? People often associate the bulky biceps with the male species. However, the best bicep workouts for women can give them a total fitness and resistance to body regardless of losing femininity when they gain a little bit of muscles around arms.

According to Jerry Handley, a West Virginia University strength coach, it is highly improbable for women to develop an excessive amount of muscles through an ordinary workout routine. If achieving a pair of tone and firm biceps has always been on your bucket list, then finding the right type of exercise that suits your lifestyle is a smart choice.

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I. Top 5 Best Bicep Workouts For Women

Here are some of the best biceps workouts designed for women. Before executing them, ensure that you observe your proper form and alignment. You may do these exercises in isolation if you desire to add them to your upper body exercises. You can also execute them as an exercise sequence to incredibly pump up your biceps.

You may also opt to perform these biceps exercises for women in a series as full biceps exercise only. However, you need to have at least 30 to 60 seconds rest period in between each workout to allow your muscles to recover. 

1. Supinating Biceps Curl

This biceps workout is probably one of the best when performed by women. It stimulates the entire biceps muscle group. On the other hand, it allows the muscles to do their main movements, which are supination and flexion.​


Workout will optimize the supination of your arms, causing increased strength in your entire biceps.


Doing regular direct arm workouts, especially with biceps curls using heavier weights, may easily inflame your biceps tendons and shoulder joints.

Executing Workout:

  • Begin as you grab your dumbbells with the use of your palms faced on your hips.
  • Try to curl up heading to the front part of your shoulders as you turn your palms ahead. It is what we call as supination.

TIPS: You may do just one arm at once or execute this exercise using both of your arms at a similar time. It will maximize the workout you are performing, as well as your schedule.

2. Preacher Biceps Curl

It is a type of biceps curl that emphasizes the top area of the biceps, especially close to insertion.


Preacher Biceps Curl put too much definition at the top of your biceps as you work your muscles.


Just like any other biceps curl workouts, you may easily get your muscles inflamed with this type of biceps exercise.

Executing Workout:

  • Grab your dumbbells tightly. Do not flex your wrist.
  • Put your arm (left or right) above the incline bench. Position it at around 60-degree angle.
  • Allow your forearm to relax as you keep your wrist fully aligned. You should move the biceps instead of your brachial muscles.
  • Try curling at only 90 degrees to prevent stimulating your brachial muscles.
  • Lastly, lower it down all the way to the incline bench.

​TIPS: Do the preacher biceps curl one arm at a time. Exert your power during muscle constriction to trigger your biceps muscle group more efficiently.

3. Concentration Biceps Curl

When you properly execute the concentration biceps curl, it will only define your biceps. Thus, it will not help the surrounding muscles. Your primary concern here is to focus on your biceps contraction alone.


It highly puts a definition to your biceps muscle groups.


It is a type of biceps workout that neglects the supporting muscles surrounding your biceps.

Executing Workout:

  • You may sit bent over on a bench, or you may choose to stand bent over to a bench.
  • Align your arm in front of the midline of your body.
  • Start by curling your dumbbell above, going towards your opposite shoulder.

TIPS: Remember to put your wrist aligned straight. Do not flex your wrist. Perform this exercise one arm at once.

4. Hammer Curls

This exercise will trigger your brachial muscles which is a thick muscle just underneath your biceps. It pumps up your biceps as you tone it up. It focuses on your brachial muscles, which highly shapes up your forearm.

Executing Workout:

  • Grasp dumbbells at your sides.
  • Keep your arms facing inward during the entire reps.
  • Try to raise dumbbells above, going to the front of your shoulders.
  • Lower down the dumbbells at your sides.


Focuses more on your brachial muscles. Thus, it massively puts emphasis in your forearm to shape it up.


The movements are more focused on your brachial muscles. Therefore, it also disregards some of the accessory muscles surrounding your biceps.

TIPS: Ensure that you do not shuffle the weights as they go upwards. Always isolate the movement exclusively in your arms. You may perform them with both arms all at once. Besides, you may also do them in alternating arms or one arm at a time.

5. 21s Biceps Curl

21s biceps curl is usually executed last during your biceps workout. It will instantly build up biceps muscle group and also involve brachial muscles all at the same time.

Executing Workout:

  • To do the 21s biceps curls, grab dumbbells at the sides of body.
  • Allow your palms to face forward.
  • Twist the dumbbells going upwards up to your shoulder level. You may do this up to 7 reps.
  • Without stopping, put dumbbells at 90 degrees as you position your elbows at your sides.
  • Try to curl the dumbbells up in front of your shoulders.
  • Put your arms at a 90 degrees as you lower down the dumbbells.
  • After executing the 7 reps of the big curls, lower down dumbbells at the sides of body.
  • Directly start another 7 reps of moderate curl exercises. Make sure to raise dumbbells only at 90 degrees. As you do this, make sure to focus more on the lowering motion.


This biceps exercise does not only put too much focus on the biceps alone. Rather, the motions are also emphasized on brachial muscles for a well-developed and toned arms.


Most of the time, a lot of women complain about how exhausting this exercise can get. If not properly executed and without proper form, you are too much prone to developing arm injuries.

TIPS: You can do this biceps exercise for a few more sets before calling it a day. When doing the 21s biceps curl, do not hurry to finish each repetition. Instead, focus on getting the most out of the exercise. You may also perform this exercise with a resistance band or on a cable machine.

II. Benefit Of Bicep Exercises?

  • Physically Alluring

The majority of the women are quite insecure regarding the excess fats around their arms. If you are mortified of having flabby arms, then finding the best workout for toned biceps is a must. A toned arm looks attractive when you flaunt it by wearing those strapless dresses and tank tops.

  • Balance to Overall Physique

Toned biceps or arms give a symmetrical body structure that makes your overall body shape more pleasing to see.

  • High Arm Functionality

From picking up bags of groceries to carrying a child, your arms need the upper body strength and endurance for your daily tasks.

  • Minimal Bicep Injury

A well-defined bicep minimizes the chance of having certain bicep injuries that are caused by sudden pulling movements and excessive weight lifting.

III. How To Choose The Best Bicep Workout

Choosing the best workouts for toned biceps depends on you. If you are still a starter, I suggest you put more emphasis on various warm-ups before engaging yourself in any bicep workout. Warm-up exercise is a must do, especially in weight lifting. You have to make sure that the task’s level of difficulty is at par with your body’s condition.

I believe the modified push-up is a good start for women and will just progress on a more and more complicated bicep workout routine.

To make things more challenging, you can gradually add more weights as soon as you body is already accustomed to the routine. Just keep in mind not to exhaust your muscles too much and know your body’s limits.

How Often Do I Have To Do A Bicep Workout?

An Idaho personal trainer and owner of Hardbodies Gym, Matt Siaperas, advises that the ideal frequency of any bicep workout is twice every week. It is important to note that the muscles should have a scheduled time to rest and repair.

I believe you should give it at least 2-3 days off. If you exercise everyday, it is a good idea to concentrate on working on the other muscles of your body while the biceps rest.

Do I Have to Do Some Warm-Up Exercises?

Warm-up exercises are highly recommended so that your muscles will avoid fatigue and keep them from being injured. This is especially important for bicep workouts since most of these bicep exercises involve carrying dumbbells and other forms of weights.

Warming up is a preparation to alarm your muscles for the upcoming loads of weight. The best way to warm up would be to do some light weight bicep curls before using the heavy sets and other variations.

IV. Tips & Tricks To Efficiently Perform Bicep Workouts

For beginners and pro lifters, you may follow these tips and tricks to execute your biceps exercises effectively:

As completing these biceps exercises designed for women, you must make sure to focus on controlling your proper alignment and form all of the time. You should also make sure to keep your core activated and stabilized while executing them.

Do not shuffle or move away just to make the weights go up. Remember that your movement should always focus on arm muscles, especially biceps.

Gently and slowly lift or lower down the weights if needed. Make sure that when you repeat arm motions, you do it in a controlled way, focusing more on arms.

Just like any other strength training workout, you must perform your weight training in splits. It means that you have to allow at least 48 hours in between your biceps exercises.

But if you are showing a couple of body parts at the same time, it is an excellent idea that you work on your biceps and the back at the same workout. Why is that so? It is because your back exercises also help activate your biceps.

As you execute these biceps workouts for women, you may do at least 12 to 20 repetitions of every exercise with lower loads. You can do this if your fitness goal is to build up strength and to tone up your arms.

If your goal is to amp your lean mass and your biceps’ strength, you will have to carry heavier loads for at least 6 to 12 reps per workout. When you get stronger, ensure that you progress slowly but surely to prevent overtraining.

V. Conclusion

Muscular, toned arms, especially biceps, are highly sought after by almost every woman. Thus, our fitness experts provided the top 5 best bicep workouts for women.

But, to achieve your desired toned arms, our specialists also suggested some of the fitness equipment to boost your biceps exercises. We are glad enough to serve you and answer all of your questions and concerns!

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