10 Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat At Home In 1 Week

Belly fat is easiest to gain and the most difficult to shed off. Because of your sedentary lifestyle, you will gain fat fast around your stomach and this fat will make you look unfit and obese.

Sitting in front of the TV or computer the whole time, not exercising regularly and eating a lot of junk food are all reasons that lead to excessive belly fat.

simple exercises to lose belly fat

We can all agree that belly fat looks terrible, but even beyond the looks, it poses serious health hazards in the long term. Hence, here we are telling you all the best exercises to lose belly fat at home in 1 week. 

If you think, we are going to give you a crash diet for a week which you can use to starve yourself out, then you’re absolutely wrong. That is by far the unhealthiest way of achieving your fitness goals.

The best and the expert recommended a way to lose belly fat is through exercising. So, here’s a hand-picked list of 10 exercises that will help you reduce belly fat in one week while avoiding the gym altogether.

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1. Crunches

Crunches are by far the best exercise to reduce stomach fat quickly. They are top ranked fat- burning exercise advised by experts all across the world.

The abs- crunching exercises will increase the metabolism of your body by many folds and you will end up losing a lot of weight from around your abdominal regions.

All you have to do is lay down on your mat flat, with your knees bent and keep your feet on the ground. Put your hands behind your head for support.

Or you can keep them crossed across your chest. Take a deep breath and lift your torso up as far as you can without shifting your lower body, and exhale while doing it. Keep repeating these steps for about 10 minutes.

For beginners, it is advised to take it slow. Start with 10 crunches per set, each day and gradually make it 3 sets per day for best results.

2. Twist crunches

Once you are used to regular crunches, you can modify them a bit and do twist crunches. This variation of crunches is simply more effective.

As the name suggests, you need to twist your body in this particular exercise. Lift your left shoulder towards right and vice versa, all the while keeping your torso on the ground.

A set of 10 crunches per day for beginners is good to go.

3. Side crunches

The only difference between side and twist crunch is that in the side crunch routine you should lift and bend your legs to the same side that you bend your shoulders in, simultaneously.This exercise comes with better balance, hence it’s a bit easier to do. You should target about 30 crunches per day as a beginner.

4. Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches are an excellent belly fat burning exercise for women. As the name suggests, these are regular crunches done in reverse. You need to bend your legs in the opposite direction of your shoulder bend.

Reverse crunches are considered as the best exercise to burn lower belly fat in women. You should target about 30 crunches per day as a beginner.

5. Vertical leg crunch

Start with lying flat on your mat on the floor. Extend your legs upwards towards the ceiling and then cross over one knee over the other. Take a deep breath and pull your upper body towards the pelvic area and breathe out.

best exercises to lose belly fat fast at home

You should go for 15 crunches per set per day as a beginner.

6. Bicycle exercise

You don’t need a bicycle for this. Lie down on your mat, keep your hands behind your head or by your side stuck to the floor. Lift both of your legs simultaneously above the ground and bend the knees. Use your legs to keep paddling in the air, first slow and then fast until you feel you’re tired.

You need to push yourself a little for this exercise. Don’t stop unless you are fully worn out.

7. Rolling plank exercise

Like any plank exercise, this belongs to the strength training exercise genre. It trains your body muscles, removes excess fat from the abdomen, hip, and thigh.

Start with lying down flat on your mat but sideways. Use your right elbow to support your body and right leg. Your body should be sideways perpendicular to the floor and left leg above your right leg and also perpendicular to the floor. Keep your knees straight and hips above the ground at all times. You need o hold this position for about 30 seconds or more.Repeat it on the other side too.

8. Walking

No words can describe the benefits of brisk walking as an exercise. It is a form of cardio that burns your calories and helps you shed unwanted fat from your boy. Couple up brisk walking for about 40 minutes a day with a great diet and you will never have to worry about your belly fat again. It will also reduce the risk of heart diseases, blood pressure and blood sugar and enhance your body’s metabolism to a healthy level.

9. Running

As good as walking, if not better. You can run for about 30 minutes in the morning or evening after work and repeat the workout for 4-5 days a week to achieve that perfect body.

best exercises to lose belly fat fast at home

10. Jogging

Jogging is sometimes better than running. How? It’s rhythmic and less stressful. For running you need a lot of stamina, but jogging could be like a stroll in the park. This is basically a form of aerobic exercise that keeps your body fit and removes extra fat.


Reducing belly fat is feat that will take a bit more effort from your end, if you want to see results. Of all the exercises that we listed, a combination of crunches and rolling plank exercise will yield you the best results.

However, if you just want to get a head start, jog or run or just walk! Once you feel your belly fat reducing, move on to rigorous exercises. One week is a good time to see positive results, if you follow our advice.

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