Top 5 Best Kettlebells Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Health-conscious individuals and gym addicts all know what a kettlebell is. Basically, it is an equipment used to perform physical exercises that are a combination of strength, flexibility training, and cardiovascular. The kettlebell is shaped just like a cannonball but with a handle.

In fact, kettlebells are the primary equipment of girevoy sport, a type of weight-lifting sport. The best kettlebells are the ones that you can use comfortably during exercise routines.

Where to Buy Kettlebells?

You can always start off by visiting the nearest sports equipment store in your area. Talking to a knowledgeable sports equipment salesman would enable you to get as much information that is useful when deciding what kettlebell to get.

Another place for you to ask about the kettlebells is your neighbourhood gym. Trainers, coaches, and even gym rats are a good source of information when you need to buy exercise equipment such as sportswear, weights, stationary bikes, cross-trainers, and treadmills.

Where to Buy Kettlebells

However, it is always more convenient to look up on best kettlebells one can buy by visiting websites that offer them or have information on them.

Top 5 Best Kettlebells to Buy

In the age of digital information, the surest way to find a kettlebell for you would be on the internet. There are a lot of websites you can look up that offer the best reviews to help you make a decision.

Reading up on a lot of reviews will allow you to narrow down your choices and eventually decide on the best one. Doing a quick Google search will give you more than enough results.

There are quite a lot of kettlebell brands out there. Among the many kettlebell brands there are, below are five that stand out with the best kettlebells review from users.

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Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Review

This kettlebell has no hard ridges and offers a very professional polished look. The grip is well-constructed and has a very nice and comfortable feel to it. Price-wise, you definitely get your money’s worth for it.

Kettlebell Review



  • Very affordable
  • Encased in vinyl to ensure noise-free workout
  • Wide handle allow you to grip properly


  • Some customers reported mix up on the kettlebells’ sizes

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Weight Review

The grip on this kettlebell has a textured finish that doesn’t become slippery, unlike a gloss finish. The handle fits most preferences in terms of width and thickness. It is also made from heavy-duty cast iron.

cheap kettlebells



  • It can be used for both male and female as it has various weights
  • A color-coded handle that indicates its weight


  • The handle is a bit too small for someone with big hands

Empower Kettlebell Review

The Empower kettlebell allows for one to adjust weights with screws conveniently. It comes with videos that you can use for a workout to which also teaches you on proper kettlebell usage.

amazon kettlebells



  • Adjustable weights from 5lbs to 12lbs
  • A soft touch finish which is comfortable on your hands
  • Many appealing colors, adding style to your workout


  • This might be prone to injury as the detachable bell might fall off if not properly twisted
  • It's only recommended for light workout because of reports about bells falling off mid-workout

SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell Review

The finish of this kettlebell helps avoid bruising. Its outside material is made of a soft rubber material that is easy on the grip and comfortable to the touch. The rubberize coating also helps in protecting gym floors. This is one of the many best kettlebells on the market.

kettlebells sets for sale



  • You can choose from the wide range of weights this kettlebell offers
  • Encased in vinyl which protects your floor from damages
  • It's also color-coded according to its weight


  • Each kettlebell is for one hand only as the handle cannot be gripped using both hands

Sunny Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Review

These kettlebells are priced just right and give a quality performance. Its body is relatively small as compared to its handle which allows for easy swings.

cheapest kettlebells



  • Made from high-quality and high-grade cast iron
  • Smooth handle is excellent for better and comfortable grip.


  • One customer complained about having received a lopsided product
  • Some reproductions have sharp handles, which causes discomfort during the workout.

Benefits of Kettlebells

A typical kettlebell exercise builds strength and endurance in shoulders, lower backs, and legs. Additionally, it increases the strength of one’s grip. Kettlebell exercises are holistic that they work several muscles at the same time and are repeated for several minutes.

Unlike traditional weight lifting, a kettlebell exercise is more like high-intensity training but done in intervals.

Kettlebell users have to take note that a kettlebell exercise can be potentially dangerous if not done properly.

Kettlebell swings can be potentially dangerous to individuals who have problems with their backs or shoulders or who just have a weak core. However, with the help of a professional, a kettlebell exercise done properly can help in improving mobility, motion range, and strength.

How to Use Kettlebells?

There are a lot of exercises with kettlebells people can do. The most common one though is the swing, where it is swung just below the groin to either the upper abdomen or the shoulders. Other exercises focus on thrusting upwards and squatting. Below are four other common movements when using kettlebells aside from the regular swing.

- American Swing: This is just like the regular kettlebell swing but instead of swinging up to the upper abdomen or the shoulders, the swing ends directly overhead​.

- Clean: The movement involves the kettlebell resting on the forearm in the crook of the elbow with the elbow against one’s chest. The kettlebell is then lowered down below the groin, and then trust back up to the rack​.

- Snatch: With this movement, you hold the kettlebell in one hand just below the groin, then swing to an overhead position where the kettlebell is held stable.​

- Standing Press: The kettlebell is held in the rack position, then push overhead with just one arm while keeping the body rigid.​

Buy Kettlebells, What to Consider?

Finding the best kettlebells for personal use is not a walk in the park. The equipment has to be well-suited to the user. For example, a large kettlebell with a thick handle may not be a good choice for individuals with small hands.

Most often than not, determining what kettlebell to use depends on the weight. Just like bowling bowls, kettlebells have different weights you can choose from that match your preference.

Aside from the weights, it is important to look at the material and quality of the kettlebell. Some kettlebell bodies are large with small handles while others are the complete opposite.

Thick handles will make it difficult to hold on and could be potentially dangerous to someone with hands that can’t grip all the way. One should also consider the surface of the handle. A Matte finish, though visually sleek, doesn’t provide a good enough grip when the palms get sweaty.

kettlebells sets for sale

Some of the best kettlebells come with a soft rubber coating that makes it comfortable to touch. These soft rubber coatings make it easy to the gym floor and don’t quite give that loud and uncomfortable thud when dropped either on purpose or by accident.


For someone who is looking to try out kettlebells for the first time, make it a point to ask for professional help. Gyms and sports equipment stores are your best bet. However, take advantage of the internet, too by researching online the best kettlebells that are currently being offered.

My personal choice is the yes4all kettlebells. Its handle is wide enough for me to grip in both hands which is really great for the regular swing exercise, as well as the snatch exercise. It is also available in different weights and is very affordable. So far, this kettlebell has been serving its purpose, but whatever suits you well is totally fine.

best kettlebells


Compile the reviews on best kettlebells that you can read time and time again until you come to a decision. Additionally, when using kettlebells as a beginner, it's best to have a professional gym trainer around to avoid accidents and mishaps.

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