5 Best Posture Bra: Say Goodbye To Back Pain & Bad Posture

Women are born with different body types and sizes. Just like everything else, belonging to a category comes with their own set of advantage and disadvantages. While others wish to have bigger breasts, those who actually have large ones are often faced with some health troubles. Poor posture and back pain are the most common complaints that we hear from them.

Here is the shocking truth, similar to other objects that come in larger size, large breasts are heavy. More so if you consider moving around them throughout the day and your life. You might think that avoiding to stand will sure the problem. No, your back suffers even more when you are sitting for a prolonged period of time. Yes, how about women who have to sit through office hours?

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By now, they could have been accustomed to constant back pain and posture issues. As always, when faced with a situation impossible to change, you try to change other things to find a solution to the problem. The best posture bra must be your best friend!

What is a Posture Bra?

A posture bra can be distinctly known for its more defined features than a regular bra. It is designed to lessen the tension on your neck, back, and shoulders. A wide supportive band does the trick by shifting the weight from the upper body and spreading it evenly.

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Crisscross back, separated cups, front closure, and thick straps make a posture bra more distinct and different from regular ones. These features ensure that the straps do not pull all at once on your shoulders. Posture bras make it possible for you to stand straight and not hamper your movements throughout the day.

Best Posture Bra: 5 Choices For You

Regular bra’s cutting edge among the other brands in the same line is their aesthetic appeal. However, the visual appeal must take a back seat when it comes to posture bra because functionality runs the show.​

Fajas Dprada Post Surgical Surgery Operative Bra Posture Corrector

Key Features:

  • Separated cups.
  • Front Closure.
  • Powernet.
  • Wide range of sizes to choose from.
  • It's also a post surgery bra while also keeping all the key features of being a posture bra intact.

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  • It has great back support.
  • It has a top of the line quality.
  • It eases tension well.


  • It runs small than actual sizes.
  • There is indistinct cup separation
  • An adjustable strap peek in a tank top is available.

Exquisite Form Fully Women's Front Close Cotton Posture Bra With Lace #5100531

Key Features:

  • Wirefree.
  • Front close.
  • Cushioned straps
  • Cotton material.
  • Separated cups.
  • Lace.


  • It boasts of a reinforced breathable material which is made from cotton.
  • The lace makes it both functional and aesthetically appealing.
  • It has great back support.


  • It shrinks, so it would be best to order a bigger size.
  • It can fit tight.
  • It comes without a padding.

Exquisite Form Fully Women's Front Close Posture Bra With Lace #5100565

Key Features:

  • 55% polyester and 45% nylon.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Double support undercups.
  • Front closure.
  • Reinforced powernets.
  • Wirefree.
  • Lace.

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  • It has wide straps and crisscross back support.
  • It's one of the best posture bras for sports.
  • It's true to its promise in easing tension and be worn for prolonged period of time.


  • It has no strap adjustments.
  • The materials used are itchy.
  • It shrinks after washing.

Delimira Women's Full Coverage Front Closure Wire Free Back Support Bra

Key Features:

  • 94% polyamide and 6% spandex.
  • Hook and eye front closure.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Wirefree and non-padded cups.
  • High and wide contour for coverage.
  • X-shape back strap.

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  • The x-shape back strap releases tension.
  • The ergonomic and wide straps fit well.
  • It has a wonderful coverage.
  • It's wire-free, so you can move freely.


  • It runs small than actual size.
  • It has indistinctly separated cups.
  • It's a little short for holding up posture.

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Key Features:

  • 90% nylon and 10% Lyca spandex.
  • Hook and eye closure.
  • Sports bra.
  • High impact and good compression.
  • Does not cling to other clothing

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  • It's true to its claim as the best posture bra for sports.
  • It has high-caliber quality.
  • It can withstand high-intensity activities- best running bra.


  • It's a bit bigger than actual sizing.
  • There are indistinctly separated cups.
  • It does not indicate if it has crisscross back strap.

​Can I Wear a Posture Bra?

Yes, provided that you belong in any of these categories: you have large breasts; you tend to slouch, or you have a bad posture; you endure upper body pain; you feel tension building up from your shoulders to the neck, and you sit or stand up in the office for a prolonged time.

● Having Large Breasts

It is a given that you will need extra support with the weight that you are carrying. Support bra will make it easier for you to navigate through your day feeling as comfortable as possible.

● Bad Posture

One of the key features of the best support bra is its ability to balance out the weight and to correct posture. If you find yourself in bad shape of posture, then it is ideal for you to wear a posture bra.

● Upper Body Tension

If you often suffer from a tension build up from your shoulder to neck, it is highly recommended for you to wear a support bra. Its wide and adjustable straps will help normalize your upper back functions again.

● Sitting or Standing Up for Long Hours

Give yourself a favor and wear a posture bra if you are required to sit or stand up for prolonged hours. Since it designates weight throughout the entire upper body, it will be easier to maintain a good posture during these tough times.

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Can I Wear a Posture Bra Anytime?

The answer would have to be yes and no. If you withstand back pain due to your heavy breasts every day, then yes. If not, it is recommended that you only wear it during days that you feel like you will need extra support. The best postures bras can be worn when you are required to do desk work for prolonged period of time. It also ideal to wear it during physically stimulating tasks like gardening, cooking, and doing the laundry.

It's noteworthy that there is a slight difference when it comes to posture bra and sports bra. Sports bra lessens impact and jiggle caused by intense movements which cannot be done by posture bra. So, it is advisable for you to use a sports bra that doubles as posture bra whenever you will do extensive workout or exercise.

How to Choose the Best Posture Bra?

Here are the things that you need to consider in order to find the best posture bra and the one that will suit you well. Do not be deceived by the others that claim to be “posture bra,” because most of the time, some just do not cut it. They lack the main components that make a posture bra beneficial and effective.

● Frontal Hooks

Being able to close the bra from the front is way better than a back closure. Tension builds up once the closure is placed at the back. This is the reason why the best posture bra has a front closure. After all, relieving tension build up is one of its main functions. You just have to make sure that you can close it in front.

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● Separated Cups

This feature is also a good factor to consider while setting aside the real and best posture bra from the others that claim to be the same. You will encounter numerous items tagged as posture bras, but the cups are enjoined like that from regular bras. One of the main functions of a posture bra is to spread the weight of your breasts evenly. Separated cups are important for this reason.

● High Crisscross Back

Lower back straps are one of the main reasons why women with large breasts cannot use a regular bra. It is the one causing much tension in the shoulders and back causing neck strain and upper body aches. A high crisscross back aligns your spine and shoulders just right. In this manner, your posture is being fixed while the weight of your breast is also properly distributed.


It is important to know your size and be able to adjust them to the sizing method of the brand. The usual problem encountered by other women who have already tried these posture bras is the sizing— it is either too small or too big. Spare yourself the trouble of having to return and wait for the product to be shipped back to you.

Personally, I like the Fajas Dprada posture bra as it has outstanding back support. I feel the tension subsides after a few hours of wearing it. I don’t have a big problem with posture, but I sometimes slouch unconsciously. This bra helps me keep my posture straight.

Moreover, be sure to take note of the materials used in each support bra. If the one you like is made of cotton, you better order a size bigger than your actual bra size. Support bras made out of cotton fabric usually shrinks after washing. Always take note of your own preferences before making a purchase. You must consider the fabric that you feel comfortable so that you will not waste money and time in placing your order.

Needless to say, the most important part of finding the best posture bra is to ensure that functionality reigns supreme over other considerations. The sole point of finding the perfect posture bra is to get the help that it can provide.​

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