Best Push Up Bars To Make King of Body Weight Exercises Better

In the modern world of office jobs, fast food, and artificial lighting, exercise has become more important than ever. There are more gyms in the country than ever before, and everyone is trying to find an edge; the new workout that will help achieve the body of their dreams.

While it is true that there is not one magic bullet for getting in shape (only hard work can do that) there are definitely tools that will help your journey towards getting in shape be much easier and more rewarding. One of these tools is the push up bar.

Push Up Bars Benefits

Some serious athletes or bodybuilders might enjoy working out with heavy weights. Though there is nothing wrong with this, for some it is simply impractical, and for others it is not convenient. Bodyweight exercises are the answer, and contrary to popular belief, they can build a lot of lean muscle mass.

Push ups are one of the most common and fundamental bodyweight exercises that should be part of any total body workout regimen. The target area for push ups are the pectoral and tricep muscles. The front deltoid muscles are also heavily stimulated and the abdominals receive a lot of stress due to the need to stabilize body. As great as the push up is, it can be improved upon.

push up bar

The push up bar allows for a greater range of motion. This is achieved since the body weight is supported by gripping a bar in each hand that is around 4 to 6 inches off the ground, allowing the chest to go deeper with each repetition. This deeper push up requires the recruitment of a greater number of muscle fibers and increases muscle hypertrophy tremendously.

The science behind the push up bar is simple. A greater range of motion has been shown to increase muscle strength and as a consequence muscle growth.

Studies have been done that show the muscles perceiving the load to be considerably greater in a full range of motion exercise versus a shorter or half range of motion exercise. This is especially important when doing bodyweight exercises as increasing the load by adding weight is not always possible.

The great body builder Frank Zane said that the only thing that matters to the muscle is how heavy the weight feels, and that the secret was to make light weights feel heavier. That is exactly what the push up bar allows; for the simple exercise everyone grew up doing to become a powerful and intense full upper body workout that builds muscle and burns calories.

5 Best Push Up Bars

There are a few basic types of push up bars. The first thing to consider is plastic vs metal.

Plastic Push Up Bars


The main advantages of the plastic push up bar is that they are cheaper and light weight.


You get what you pay for, and plastic push up bars can break and bend when used by heavier individuals. Also, an athlete intending to use explosive movements might not like plastic push up bars as the flexing and bending could be unnerving.

Metal Push Up Bars


The metal push up bars will not break or bend. They can be used with explosive movements and will remain sturdy. Also, if they have a good grip on the bottom they should stay in place on the floor.


The metal push up bars are heavier and more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Also, for some users they are more taxing on the hands since they are much harder.

A few other consideration when looking at push up bars is how wide the grip is. This will affect how much strain is put on the hand. Also, you want a push up bar with a lot of grip so that it will not slide around on the ground. Finally, some push up bars will rotate, allowing an extra dimension to the workout.

Push Up Bars Reviews

I’ve chosen 5 different push up bars that exceed the standard. These are recommended and a great buy, and they also give an idea of what kind of features to look for when buying a push up bar.

** Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can click links above to see current prices and read customer's review on Amazon

Push Up Bar Reviews

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite


The bottom of this bar is flat and will remain in the same position. The handle rotates, however, allowing for natural movement as the arms press up and down. The fluidity of movement and ergonomic design reduces the pressure in the joints and wrist.



With the rotating handle, some exercises are going to be more difficult or impossible. Tricep dips, for example will not work very well with this type of push-up bar.

Legend Pushup: Push Up Bars + Stability Trainer


​This push up bar has a nice black and red coloring. The bottom is curved and will pivot up and down. This is different than a completely rounded bottom that will rotate to any position.



​Because the bottom is curved, some of the fundamental exercises will be more different. However, since the bottom is not completely rounded, you will not get the same amount of tension by having to balance.

Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training System


​This push up bar has a nice black and red coloring. The bottom is curved and will pivot up and down. This is different than a completely rounded bottom that will rotate to any position.



​Because the bottom is curved, some of the fundamental exercises will be more different. However, since the bottom is not completely rounded, you will not get the same amount of tension by having to balance.

Rounded Bottom Push Up Bars Make For The Perfect Push Up Station


This is different from the other bars in our list in that they have rounded bottoms. This might seem counterintuitive, but the reasoning is that the rounded bottom forces the user to emphasize balance. This makes the muscles work extra hard to stabilize the body. The result is a more full body workout, rather than isolating muscle groups.



With the extra emphasis on balance, it might be more difficult to do isolation exercises or controlled movements in general. This type of push up bar may be best as a supplement to a flat bottomed bar used to perform the fundamental movements.

GoFit Push-Up Bars with Foam Padded Grips


The stand is 9 inches tall which allows for a much greater range of motion. Also, because the stand is taller there is a greater variety of exercises that can be done such as a deeper tricep press.



The greater height means that the push ups will be easier since the body will not be as close to a parallel to the ground. Also, the large stand means it will be heavier.

How to Use Push Up Bars

There are a number of basic exercises that can be done with push up bars. It is important to keep in mind that they are versatile, and only limited by the skill of the user.

Beginners should adhere to basic movements listed below, but more advanced users are encouraged to experiment and learn to listen to their body.

Some of the traditional push up type exercises are regular push ups where the hands are shoulder width apart, close grip push ups where the hands are close together (these will target the triceps more directly), and also wide grip push ups.

A few other exercises that can be done are mountain climbers, where the athlete grips the push up bar in a high plank position and then brings the knees up to the chest one by one in a rapid motion as if climbing a mountain. Also, the push up bar can be used for tricep dips, one of the best exercises for isolating the triceps.

There are many other ways the push up bar can be used, and it is really only limited by your imagination. For example, you could stagger your push ups, putting one hand higher than the other. This creates balance difficulties for the body which requires muscle engagement to compensate for.

Remember, mixing up movements, techniques, and exercises is important for keeping the body guessing and not getting used to the same thing. Also, it is much less boring when you mix up each workout!6.

Choosing Best Push Up Bars

When choosing a push up bar, how you plan to use it should be the most critical criterion. If you are planning on experimenting with the bar to see if you like it, it might be better to go with a plastic bar that is cheap, light and not a huge investment.

If, however, you know that you like the push up bar, have used one, or at least love the concept, then a metal push up bar might be the best option.

pushup handles

For some, exercising is a way of life, and for these people finding push up bar with more bells and whistles might be the needed equipment to help spice up their workouts, keeping them from becoming bored.

The rotating push up bars will make any workout more interesting and can also be used to great effect to isolate the various muscle groups.

Some Push Up Bars Exercises

Push up bars are to be used as part of a body weight exercise routine. They can supplement regular pushups, done without the bar or replace them entirely. The key is that they are going to give a much larger range of motion that will stress muscle fibers that regular pushups are not able to activate.

Hypertrophy can be achieved much faster with a push up bar than with regular push ups because of the ability to increase the perceived load on the muscles. Using different grips, widths of grips, and even rotating bars will facilitate this. Remember, it is not the weight in pounds or kilograms that matter, but how the muscle feels.

The beauty of body weight exercises and the push up bar specifically is in allowing the brain to muscle connection to develop more organically. The nearly infinite configurations of grips and exercises means that the muscles can be trained in ever changing ways that will challenge them to grow.


The right push up bar is going to be different for every person depending on their needs. My opinion is that push up bar stand is the best for its versatility and durability. Because it is raised higher, the stand can facilitate the greatest number of different exercises.

The last thing to remember is that any piece of equipment, including the push up bar is secondary to the will to act. By far the most important tool is the mind, it dreams up the body that you want and puts it into action.

So see the physique that you have always dreamed of in your mind’s eye, get the best push up bar for you, and create something worth celebrating!

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