Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews and Comparison: A Comprehensive Guide

The worst thing when lifting weights, aside from the intense self-motivation of making it through the last few counts, are the calluses and the metallic smell on your hands, not to mention the rank moist sweat of people who previously used it. Gross, right? I thought so.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Well, that’s why you’re probably here. Don’t worry; I won’t disappoint and bore you with sugar-coated sales talk. I have gathered the best weight lifting gloves reviews to help you get one. Let’s start with an overview.


Weight lifting gloves offer protection to your hands from blisters. It cushions your hands to absorb some pressure from the weights. But unlike workout shirts, gym shorts, and rubber shoes, weight lifting gloves are optional depending on your comfort.

Some people get rid of them because it adds to the thickness of the bar making it harder to grip. Some people do prefer to use it since it prevents their hands from slipping when it gets sweaty.

More importantly, these people don’t want to get rough hands. It’s just basically a matter of preference which does not have to do anything with making you look less manly if you’re a guy. Let’s face it, few cocky guys would balk at the suggestion of using gloves.

Well, news flash, weight lifting gloves goes for both genders. There are a lot of varieties of them available in your nearby sports stores and online. But I’m telling you; not all are comfortable. So, how do you choose the finest weight lifting gloves? Here’s how.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves Options

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As promised, I will spare you from the sales talk and give honest reviews from personal experience and those of customers who purchased these. Although, these are what you can reliably say, the crème of the crop, you can’t please anyone.

1. iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 Star

Rating ​Distribution: 90% 5 Stars, 10% 4 Stars

Brand: iiSPORT


Key Features

  • Snug-fitting leather fabric with suede leather on the inside
  • With mesh cloth at the back of the hand for breathability
  • Adjustable Wrist Velcro closure
  • With finger tabs designed for easy removal of gloves


  • The paddings are very well strategically placed in a way that there is just enough thickness over the fingers and palm area.
  • A lot of customers claim that this was the best weight lifting gloves they ever used.
  • They are light-weight, so they don’t give any hindrance to performance.
  • The brand company gives great customer service. They immediately entertain your complaints.


  • ​The material feels a bit cheap.
  • Don’t put them in the drier.


2. Achieve Fit Weight Lifting Gloves

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 Star

Rating Distribution: 79% 5 stars, 21% 4 stars

Brand: Achieve Fit


Key Features

  • With a breathable fabric that allows sweat to dry off quickly to maintain hygiene
  • Extended wrist straps support for safer lifting
  • No inside paddings to provide a former grip and a higher flexibility
  • Durable leather fabric with reinforced stitching


  • The gloves snug fitly to the hands, so it doesn’t bunch up when gripping the weights
  • The wrist support is also comfortable because of its elasticity.
  • True to their word, the material on top of the gloves is really breathable.
  • The gloves hold the bar securely, preventing wrist strain in the process.


  • The price is quite expensive, but it is a great bargain.


3. ProFitness Gloves Wrist Support

Overall Rating: 4.6/5 Star

Rating Distribution: 76% 5 Stars, 22% 4 Stars, 1% 1 Star

Brand: ProFitness


Key Features

  • Neoprene fabric with silicone-padded palms for enhanced grip strength
  • Built-in adjustable wrist wrap for reduced hand tension
  • Simple, less bulky design
  • Open-back-hand design


  • Customers claimed this as top weight lifting gloves because of the ingenious open-hand design as compared to the traditional ones.
  • The design provides good circulation when gripping weights.
  • The Silicone padding provides security with its sticky grip.
  • The adjustable wrist straps could accommodate a wide variety of sizes


  • It has wrist wraps that may rotate around the wrist because of the open-hand design at the back causing the pad to shift out of place.


4. Elite Leather Gym Gloves Wrist Wraps

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Star

Rating Distribution: 74% 5 Stars, 14% 4 Stars, 12% 3 Stars

Brand: Nordic Lifting™

weight lifting gloves with wrist support


Key Features

  • With integrated 12-inch long wrist support
  • Designed with the right amount of padding
  • Fabric consists of 35% goat skin leather, 35% Polyurethane, and 30% Dacron
  • With reinforced stitching


  • The leather doesn’t look cheap.
  • It is less stiff and has longer fingers than other brands.
  • The fit is true to size.
  • The hands feel good after a strenuous weight lifting.
  • Comfortable padding inside out
  • Gives you a secure hold on the bar


  • The wrist wrap is elastic so it doesn’t give enough support.
  • The stitching at the top of the palm bunches up.
  • Quite a few durability issues which lasted as early as two weeks

5. Nordic Lifting Gloves 12" Wrist Support

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Rating Star

Distribution: 81% 5 Stars, 8% 4 Stars, 11% 3 Stars and below

Brand: Grip Power Pads®

weight lifting gloves with wrist support


Key Features

  • 2-inch wide and 25-in Leather long wrist wraps for stability to reduce risk of injuries
  • The loops between the fingers are designed to provide easy removal of gloves
  • With rubber padding
  • Handmade from quality leather


  • The wrist supports provide stability which eliminates the pain of wrist strain.
  • The tiny holes on the gloves give good air circulation.
  • It has Isolated patching of the gloves that provides hand flexibility.
  • Some say the rubberized padding is effective in protecting you from pain and the calluses.


  • Others say it was too bulky that it hinders their grip on the bar.
  • While a few said that the lower part of the pad was already ripped just 4 months of using.

Why Use Weight Lifting Gloves

Wearing a weight lifting gloves has been a necessity for most seasoned weight lifters. However, those who are new to the field might tend to overlook its importance. Hence, we provided 3 benefits of using weight lifting gloves below.

1. Avoid Unwanted Blisters & Calluses

While blisters and calluses might be a part of most workouts, but why suffer if you can avoid them, right? That is exactly why lifting gloves are of great help. A good quality gloves will protect your hands from nasty blisters and calluses.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

2. Provide Better Grip

Accidents can happen everywhere, and as for weight lifters, slippery hands are mostly the cause. Think of the sweat you probably have during your intense session. Weight lifting gloves will help you have a better grip on the weights by ridding off sweat in your palms.

3. More Support to Wrist

This is especially useful when you lift heavy objects. Most weight lifting gloves have wrap around features, giving your hands more support. The wrap around will serve as additional tendons or ligaments that will support your wrist while they are tilted backwards when you lift heavy weights. This will prevent you from having those wrist injuries.​

​Choosing the Best Gloves For You

These are the key features that you should look for when buying weight lifting gloves:

1. Leather or Neoprene Fabric

The non-slip materials like leather and neoprene are the most appropriate fabric. Don’t consider synthetic materials like nylon. Nylon gloves may be lighter and much more flexible, but they are not sweat-resistant.

Full-fledged weight lifting gloves are impractical and so not cool. Need I remind you that you’re not in some sci-fi movie? The ideal weight lifting gloves should just cover the important parts like the bottom half of your fingers. You need to add breathing space to your hands if you don’t plan on keeping stale sweat inside.

3. Enough Padding

Padding must be strategically placed on areas of your hands that receives the most pressure. These are the top of your palms and even on the back of your knuckles. The best weight lifting gloves have just enough padding, so you can still have that natural feel around the bar.

4. Durability

The fabric is the major factor that endures wear and tear. That’s why neoprene and leather are ideal because they could withstand prolonged and repeated use. From the reviews that I’ve read, they could last for as long as 3 years.

5. Perfect Fit

Your gloves must snug closely to your hand like a second skin. This eliminates the discomfort of having a barrier that may affect your lifting technique. Choose gloves that have adjustable wrist wraps to keep the gloves in place especially when lifting heavy weights. No matter how impressive the quality of the gloves is, the size would always be the determining factor.​

Weight Lifting Gloves FAQs

How do I know what size to order?

Most brand companies usually have size charts to guide you to find your right size.

How long does the warranty usually last?

Top weight lifting gloves are sure to last a long time. That’s why most brand companies offer a 1 year – warranty replacement. Others even have an added advantage of 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Can I use weight lifting gloves for other outdoor activities or even during housecleaning?

Yes, of course, you can. Weight lifting gloves are designed to protect your hands from pressure but still offer much flexibility for hand movements.



​A lot of factors may affect a person’s preference for using weight lifting gloves. However, sometimes you just have to be knowledgeable in choosing the right kind of breathable fabric with just enough padding for your comfort. Most important of all, it should be a perfect fit.

My most recommended product is iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves. I hope my recommendations will be able to help you find your best weight lifting gloves. Any thoughts or additional tips to help our readers out there? I would love to hear your comments!

Finally, just remember that all beautiful things in life are worthwhile when you work hard for it. So, keep this in mind: The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

If you have any question , you can give me in the comment box. Thank you 

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