Essential Hand Grip Strength Norms For Adults

A lot of people are more concern about attaining a firm chest and defined biceps or triceps, but only a few are smart enough to realize that the handgrip exercise is also an essential, especially for the hand strength.

You have to know the hand grip strength norms for you to have a full grasp on how to properly do the exercise and increase your grip strength in a snap.

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Grip Strength Test Norms Table

The norms for the adults’ grip strength can be quite tricky. It is because a lot of things are to be considered when doing so. For instance, you have to bear in mind several norms such as the gender, age, and the specific unit of weight measurement, whether in pounds or kilograms. You also have to consider the recommended ratings for the dominant and non-dominant arm.

One efficient method to know your grip strength is through undergoing a test. As part of the grip strength norms, male and female strength test is varied regarding the weights. Below are the grip strength ratings recommended for both male and female in kilograms in relation to age and BMI.

Hand Grip Strength Norms in Pounds For Male.

Hand Grip Strength Norms in Pounds For Female.

Hand grip strength norms test table for men in Kg.

Hand grip strength norms test table for women in Kg.

Hand Grip Exercises Benefits

​Just like other strength exercises out there, handgrip also offers several advantages.

Here are a few reasons why you should add this exercise to your list:

  • Hand Strength: The handgrip is an excellent routine to increase the strength in your hands. I believe it is a fundamental exercise that every gym-goer should include before engaging in a workout wherein hand strength is essential.
  • Hand Endurance: It is difficult to lift heavy weights if your hands don’t have the endurance to suspend the weights. The handgrip will give you the endurance that you need, especially for weight lifting.
  • Balance Between Structure and Strength: It would be awkward to have a strong physique but with a weak grip strength. Handgrip exercise works on your strength and balances it to your strong body structure.

How to Use Hand Grip Exercises

​To do the exercise, you need a hand grip equipment, but make sure to follow these steps for accurate results:

hand grip strengthener

Conventional Hand Grip Exercise: It is a typical hand grip exercise that most people do.

  • Place one handle of the equipment against your palm
  • Start doing the exercise through the squeeze-and-release actions
  • Place your hand’s fingers on the other handle, and
  • Squeeze firmly or as hard as you can
  • Hold it for about 5 seconds before slowly releasing the grip
  • Do a total of 20 squeezes on each hand with ten squeezes per set

Reverse Hand Grip Exercise: Instead of applying the force when pushing the hand grip’s handle together, this time, you will use the force when releasing the grip.

  • Place the hand grip tool between your palm and fingers on one hand
  • Close the grip using both hands (It makes the grip easy)
  • Pull the “helper hand” away
  • Then, release your grip as slowly as possible
  • Complete the two sets on each hand (5 squeezes per set).


The handgrip is definitely a must-try strength exercise. If you want a complete arm and hand workout routine, then this is surely one that I highly recommend. For a more grip strength norms information, you can ask a professional fitness coach for advice.

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