How Does Running Change Your Body? All You Need To Know

Running has always been one of the simplest and most common body exercises that helps create a better physicality to any person doing it. It is a good way of staying fit without taking up too much of your time and effort, and doesn’t require any gym membership fee.

how does running change your body

When you want to stay active and healthy, running is a good resort that introduces a lot of advantages to your mental, physiological, and physical health. If you’re constantly working at 5-9 hours of regular work daily, you may only have little to no time for weightlifting exercises and other training programs to keep your body on shape. Good thing, running may just be the best alternative for you.

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Benefits of Running in the Morning

While running is already beneficial in its own sense, running in the morning proves to be more beneficial in a couple of ways. For health conscious folks, you should be happy to know that getting up early in the morning and doing a good 15-30 minutes run can give you the following benefits:

It helps you maintain a lower and balanced blood pressure. There’s no mistaking that running under intense sunlight exposure can make you sweat a lot.

However, during that period, too much heat makes your veins and blood vessels pump more blood in a rapid manner—which can cause a higher blood pressure rate. To avoid that, it’s best to run in the morning under a cooler weather and environment.​

what running does for the body

It’s a good stress-relieving activity. Every day is expected to be hectic and stressful. It’s always good to start your day with a running exercise to shake off stress and setup a positive mood and attitude for the entire day.​

It’s always convenient for your schedule. If you’re working on a 5-9 hours of daily daytime work shift, running in the morning is the most convenient time to insert on your busy schedule.

The little time you spend with your trainer shoes for a positive mindset can help maximize your effectiveness on your hectic working schedules.​

What does Running Do for Your Body?

Running does a lot of good things in your body that you may not notice directly in just a couple of days from start-off. But when it becomes a habit, you will understand how much your body (both on shape and in the internal systems) can benefit from it by burning unnecessary calories.

what running does to your body

When you burn calories, you also:

  • Lose excessive fats and gain lean muscles
  • Make yourself become physically active and fit
  • Strengthen your heart with this cardiovascular exercise
  • Improve your metabolic system and create a better digestive rhythm
  • Create a stronger body and immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

A) Is Running a Full Body Workout?

No, not necessarily. Although running involves a full body movement, it does not promote a whole body workout because you don’t use much of your upper body system during a running exercise.

The most profound changes running can do on your body reflects on your lower body systems like the legs and hips, and also contributes to a more dynamic footwork.

Is Running a Full Body Workout

B) Is Running Bad for Your Body?

Yes and no. The answer can be fairly objective depending on how much running your body is doing in a given period of time. It’s a definite ‘YES’, if it’s become too much.

Unless you’re a trained athlete, you shouldn’t run for too long or too fast. Improper and excessive running exercises can result to aching joints. It can also beat hard on your heart so you should be careful.

In some cases, some people also think that since they’re burning fats, they’re also entitled to high calorie-content intakes. But, that’s a wrong mindset. You might as well gain more weight if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Furthermore, it’s also a definite ‘NO’, because running is also essential for a healthy and active lifestyle. If you don’t run, you also don’t get to enjoy the health benefits it can result to your body and entire system.

However, it’s best to keep running well-moderated to avoid the possible negative effects down the stretch.

C) What does Running Stairs Do for Your Body?

What does Running Stairs Do for Your Body

Running stairs is also a good alternative to stay active, healthy and fit. Turn your stairs into an exercise equipment and enjoy the many benefits you can get from it. Below are just a few of them.

  • Running stairs helps to have a better-conditioned heart and well-functioning circulatory system.
  • It also improves lower body systems for stamina and agility.
  • It also strengthens the bones and joints so that you will have a better and enhanced mobility.
  • Running stairs burn excess calories, too, therefore it also helps you control your weight however you desire.

Advices For Your Running

If you want to constantly practice an active and healthy lifestyle, make sure you engage yourself in a regular running exercise.

Here’s how you do it properly:

+ Have a 5-10 minutes warm up. It’s good to loosen up your muscles first before doing a running exercise. Don’t go running without proper warm up to avoid pulling a muscle.

+ Have a varied running intensity. It is necessary to help create a faster metabolic pressure that will gradually result to a significant improvement on your metabolism.

Also, when you’re doing a running exercise, do abruptly stop after a long run. Slowly decrease your pace before finally ending the exercise.

what can running do for your body

+ You don’t have to do it every day. When you say ‘regularly’, it doesn’t have to be a daily routine (but if it already is, there’s no problem with that). Experts say that running exercises done for at least 3-4 times a week will do.

+ It’s good to run regularly to keep your body on shape but keep it moderate.

+ Running is already good but it’s better if partnered with weightlifting exercises and best when coupled with proper and healthy eating habits.


Running is not only a simple exercise that enables you to have a good head start for the day but it’s also a great investment for your body. With its physical, physiological, and mental health benefits you will be able to maintain a fit body with a properly functioning system.

Once you make it a habit, you also entitle yourself to a longer life expectancy. If you haven’t started doing anything close to running, then why not start one today. Just remember the principle of sowing and reaping—if you don’t start running, you don’t enjoy a healthier living.

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