How To Get A Bikini Body Fast? We Have Perfect Plan For You

Toss all your cover up clothing away. We have the perfect plan that will help you get into your bikini avatar within a matter of few weeks. With the perfect diet mixed with cardio and a well-planned body sculpting routine, your metabolism rate could be grown, body strengthened, mind cleared and confidence boosted.

how to get a bikini body fast

In this article, we will tell you what to eat, how to exercise and which body guides to follow to achieve that ten on ten model body.

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Bikini Body Diet Plan

Here are some metabolism boosting meals that you can choose to have for breakfast, lunch, dinners. These delicious delicacies will get you swim suit ready and help you flaunt your bikini body in just 4 weeks’ time.

  • Breakfast

Your healthy breakfast recipes should no longer exceed beyond 300 calories in one sitting. As hard as that sounds, it’s not. These are some of the choices which taste good and help you keep calories within the limit of 300.

1. Have an almond muffin with apple

Toast a muffin in the oven and spread half a spoon of almond butter over it. Slice an apple into thin layers, spread cinnamon over the sliced apples and cover with remaining muffin top.

bikini body diet

2. Peanut butter yogurt with apple or banana

Cut an apple into half, spread peanut butter over it ( a tablespoon). Add a tablespoon of non-fat egg yogurt in a bowl and add the peanut clad apple pieces in it. Serve chilled.

  • Lunch

Your lunch should be less than 400 calories in one sitting.

1. Smoked salmon with avocado sandwich

Easy to make, healthy sandwich. You can mash about ½ avocado with lemon juice and salt and pepper. Take a whole grain bread and spread the mix over it. Add 3 ounces of smoked salmon, salsa dressing and top it off with other slice of the bread.

bikini body diet plan

2. Pasta with turkey sausage

Turkey meat is low in fat. That’s why its recommended for a healthy diet plan more than any other meat. Chop onions, garlic cloves and green onion. Simmer a pan add olive oil, fry with chopped onions and garlic. Add the pasta and turkey meat and fry for a while. Garnish with red sauce.

  • Dinner

To maintain an overall budget of less than 1500 calories in a day, you need to have dinner within 500 calories.

1. Mash potato with bean and cheese

Easy to make, tasty and fat free. Microwave a medium sized potato. You can use sweet potato for better health alternative. Add black beans and shredded cheese into the mix. Take a dollop of it with your dinner.

bikini body burn

2. Turkey meatballs

This is a fancier choice and will take some time to make. Make about 8 meatballs using garlic, cloves, egg, bread crumbs and turkey meat. Bake the balls instead of frying them and wallah, you have your tasty dinner ready!

Bikini Body Workout Plan

There are several workouts plans that you can follow to reach the optimum body shape. To do that bikini body, you can regularly go for a 20 minutes’ power Pilates session, followed by a 15-minute-long high intensity cardio session. Follow these steps:

1. Front lift

This will work on your abs, glutes and calve muscles. You must stand straight, feet apart and shoulder high. Hold 2 pounds dumbbells in both the hands. Lift them over your head palms facing in. You can hold them for 3 counts and get the arms back by your side, repeat.

2. Front lunge

Lower yourself into a lunge position by getting your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Move the arms back closer after a 3 seconds’ hold, repeat the process.

3. Leg pull or push up

Come to a full push up position, lift the legs one by one to the height of the back. This will work your chest, arms, abs and glutes.

4. Front plank/ back support

Point your toes straight and sit with your legs extended. Engage your abs with upper back slightly. Hold your body up backwards using your toe and palms for support. Repeat the exercise for 10 times.

Bikini Body Guide Review

There are many workout experts over the internet that will tell you that they gave the best plan for you. But with our expertise and in house research, we have selected Kayla’s workout plans to review for you.

Kayla Itsines, has apps, blogs, equipment and a community forum which all come together to help you achieve bikini worthy body within weeks. She has programs like the Bikini body bundle, Help nutrition guides and workouts guide for you to get a holistic picture of the regime and diet you need to follow.

Bikini Body Guide Review

Along with that they have brilliant two week eating plans, in which you can learn what to eat, which foods to consumer in order to accelerate your fat burning, and how to speed up your metabolism while having tasty food every day.

The 12-week workout plan tells you everything you need to know about effective cardio methods, shedding fat from target areas, workouts under 30 minutes. The result of following these plans can be seen within one week!

They have thousands of women worldwide who have followed their blogs, and bought their digital ebooks. We recommend Kayla Itsine’s offering for you to get the kick start on your “achieving the bikini body plans”.

Kayla Itsines guide has been featured in cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire and other popular lifestyle magazines.


Getting into shape has never been an easy fit, but nothing great has ever been achieved out of laziness. It’s not about spending long hours in gym everyday but it’s surely about taking 10-20 minutes out to make sure you are disciplining your body and mental health.

Exercising along with binge eating is a disaster, so you must make sure you follow the diet plans we mention along with the exercise plans.

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