How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Without Gaining Muscle

You have always wondered how nice it would be to don that halter neck sleeveless top for your next casual outing and ended up feeling disappointed because of your chubby arms. This happens more often than you think with a lot of women out there.

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Without Gaining Muscle

Some people with tell you, wear what you want to wear and forget about how other people think you look. Well, you know that’s not entirely true. So what do we do? Fret no more! In this article, we'll answear question "how to get rid of arm fat without gaining muscle?". You'll get detailed steps on how you can lose those extra pounds around your arm and get that perfect shapely flaunt-worthy arms in a matter of few weeks.

There is no particular kind of exercise regime that could help you lose weight from any single part of the body- in this case, arms. But a more rigorous and comprehensive weight loss regime will do the trick. It would be effective and you will loose weight equally and proportionately.

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​How Does The Body Burn Fat?

​Certain parts of your body have greater strength of fat cells. These areas might include the upper arm, stomach, hips, thighs- all these parts store fat in the form of triglycerides ( a chemical present in the fat cells).

Usually, when the calorie intake of your body is reduced, the fat from these areas start to make up for the calorie deficit and end up buring at a higher pace. This is all in order to keep fueling your body with energy. When your body is more muscular though, it can burn fat faster.

how to lose arm fat in 2 weeks

And quite certainly, when calorie reduction is done in conjunction with exercise, you can get your fat burned three times faster. Your body uses up the triglycerides stored in the fat cells spread across your body, including the upper arm region.

Scientists discovered this in a funny coincidence. They found out that the dominant arm of a tennis player is thinner than the arm that they don’t use as much to deliver their shots on the court.

There is another widely popular study that showed that strength traning exercises done regularly focusing on the lower part of the body made fat burn from the upper parts of the body first. So ladies and gentlemen, we got a lot of hope!

What To Eat For A Slimmer Upper Arms?

​By now we understand that burning fat is possible only when we create a calorie deficit in the body. This means that the number of calories taken in should be lower than the number of calories burned through activities in a day.

You can get the idea about how many calories you can safely take in with the help of some really good calorie counting apps available for free. The calorie counters take into account your size, gender, age, height, BMI and calculate your metabolism rate.

how do you lose arm fat

On average, a woman should take about 1200 calories in a day, whereas a man should take about 1800 calories. Don’t think of under eating or starving yourself out in order to burn calories. That never works. Why? Because more often than not you end up binge eating after starving yourself out at a stretch. And as you can guess, that does more harm than good.

You can start trimming down your calorie intake by taking low calorie, high fiber food. Replace that extra bowl of rice with extra veggies. Replace the morning cornflakes with oatmeal. Start trimming down on sugar drinks like coke, Pepsi and even sweetened tea & coffee. Focus on having fruits regularly as a part of your snacks, having lean proteins and good carbs.

how long does it take to lose arm fat

When you trim down your calorie intake, your fat content is bound to come down. Usually, the parts that will shed the weight first are not the ones that you want to see instant results on.

This happens because old lipids and fat are stubborn and take their own sweet time to burn. You will probably end up losing a lot of weight from other parts of your body before you see any visible difference to your arm fat.

Start Workouts To Lose Arm Fat

​You must be aware that strength training is advocated to Athlete’s for stamina building and weight loss. It basically helps accelerate your metabolism so you could achieve lean muscles. And muscles typically burn a lot more calories at rest than does fat. So in essence, you end up losing weight a lot faster.

how to lose arm fat in 3 days

However, you wouldn’t want to develop the bulging biceps. Maybe that’s not your style, and that’s cool. Ladies, as a matter of fact, you have too much estrogen for those lean muscles to develop and make you like a body builder.

It can only happen when you combine strength exercise with precise meals and supplements. Men, however, have propensity higher than women to develop muscles but it still takes for them to follow a disciplined workout regime and precise meals and probably hours of gymming to finally gain even a pound of muscle.

If you can commit to just three to four resistance training exercises per week. A set of 12-15 repetitions focusing on training your muscles in the arm, back, abdomen, chest, and legs, is enough for your body to start developing the lean muscles that you would need to have to burn fat faster.

exercises to lose arm fat without gaining muscle

The trick to resistance workout is that you have pick resistance bands which are a bit heavy for you to pull off. I other words, you need to make your body break a sweat.

You can use Dumbbells, kettlebells, heavy lifting machines and other gym equipment in the resistance category to help through your journey. Squats and Benchpress are also very effective strength training techniques.

Most importantly, you have to remember to be patient and have enough willpower to achieve your goal. Always keep in mind the image of those finely shaped slim arms that’ll let you wear anything you want.


So for who wonder how to get rid of arm fat without gaining muscle, here are some best advices to follow:

  • Watch your meal: There are foods which accelerate fat burning in your body. The trick here is to remember that you need to burn more fat in a day than you pick up.
  • Exercise regularly: You don’t need to hit the gym for an hour everyday. Take small steps, have a 20- minute exercise ritual every morning or evening after work to help your body burn fat faster!
  • Have a lot of water: Remember to replenish your body with water. It rids yor body of toxins and helps weight reduction.
  • Strength traning: If you want to get rid of the most stubborn fat like that accumulated in your upper arms, take help of core strength traning exercises. You will shed fat three times that of the regular rate.

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