How to Get Skinny Legs Without Building Muscle? Just Follow Our Guide

Having skinny yet toned legs with a little bit of thigh gap is every woman’s epitome of sexy legs. However, not all women have large thighs for the same reasons. Some have fatty thighs while some just have muscular thighs.

To slim down your thighs the right way, you first need to know what keeps your thigh look larger— Is it because of fats or muscles? The answer to this question will help you craft a better exercise routine and diet to get your desired results fast.

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how to get skinny legs without building muscle

Fatty Thighs Vs. Muscular Thighs

To Determine Which Of The Two You Have, Simply Do The Following Two Steps:

1.Steady your legs in a relax position and straighten them.

2.Tighten your muscles and pinch the top layer of the skin.

If you have a lot of skin to pinch, your thighs are mostly likely had fats in them whereas if there is only too little to pinch, then your thighs most likely had bulky muscles.

Now here’s the thing, if you have fatty muscles, slimming them down might result in more cellulite as compared to muscular thighs. And cellulite is certainly a big no-no for all women.

slim legs without building muscle

Exercise Routines For Slimmer Thighs

How to get skinny legs without building muscle? The secret here is to follow the right exercise routine. Below are some tips that you should consider:

1. Avoid Squats, Leg Lifts, And Step Exercises

how to lose thigh fat

While toning exercises like squats and steps are what people usually recommend to have that desired skinny legs, it actually doesn’t work out that way. In fact, these type of exercise routines only adds up to the current muscles of your thighs, which in turn only make your thighs appear even bigger.

These exercises don’t make your thighs smaller; they help them look toned instead. There’s basically a thin line separating the two.

One principle that you have to remember is that weight training or exercises that apply force or strain the muscles will only make the muscle fibers even larger. Why do you think bodybuilders do a lot of weightlifting? To encourage muscle growth, of course!

2. Do More Cardiovascular or Aerobic Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises refer to those exercises that increase your heart rate such as jogging, running, Jumping Jacks, etc. This type of exercises forces our body to move and is known to be an excellent weight loss exercise.

Cardiovascular exercises will help you shed off those excess fats in your thighs, leaving only muscles to strengthen and tone.

how to get skinny thighs

After you successfully burn all the fats in your thigh area, it is now acceptable to do the toning routine like squats and leg lifts. These will help define and tighten the muscles you have in your thighs, making them look skinny and sexy.

In general, how to get skinny legs without building muscle often requires a good combination of cardio exercises and toning workouts.

3. Try Endurance Running or Long-Distance Running

The cardio-toning exercise combo seems like a good fit for women with fatty thighs. How about those with muscular thighs? Well, how to get skinny legs without building muscle if you have muscular thighs isn’t that complicated like what most of us thought.

Endurance running is key to reduce the size of your thigh muscles while burning the fats in the same area.

how to get smaller thighs

Moreover, long-duration cardio like long-distance running targets only the micro-muscle fibers in your thighs. These smaller fibers of muscles don’t promote muscles growth as compared to macro muscles. The macro and micro muscles in our body differ regarding fiber lengths and angles, as well as muscle volume.

How much time and distance you need to spend running?

So, how much running do you need to get that sexy, skinny legs? Long-distance running for a long period of time will help you lose fat in your leg area. Running for 2+ hours and covering 8+ miles is the minimum time and distance you need to cover in endurance running.

These figures are enough to lose excess fats and increase the inches of your legs, making them appear long and toned. However, for beginners, you can start with 3 miles at first, and then gradually increase your distance.

how to get thinner legs

Over training such as weightlifting will engorge the muscles with blood, and your legs will release a lactic acid fluid which will add mass to your legs, making them look big. The moment your torn and strained muscles heal, they will start to grow.

But with long-distance running, only your fast twitch muscles will be engaged. Hence, you don’t have to worry about muscle gain as long as you run at fast pace.

Below Is The Exercise Routine I Followed To Get Skinny And Sexy Legs:​

Exercises Skinny and Sexy Legs


Jumping Jacks

Do 30-50 reps

Leg Swings

Do 10-12 reps

Walking Lunges

Do 20 reps each leg

Low-Intensity Aerobic Exercises


Do low-intensity cardio exercise for 30 minutes

Cycling on a stationary bike (at a moderate pace)

High-Intensity Cardio Exercise

Endurance running or long-distance running

Do endurance running minimum of 2 hours

Leg Toning Exercises


Do 12 reps in 3 sets of squats

Squat Jumps​

Do 5 reps in 3 sets of squat jumps (2 minutes rest after each set)

Leg Lifts

Do 10-12 reps of leg lifts on each leg


Do 15 reps of step-ups on each leg

Cool Down

Cross-Legged Fold

Do this for 1 minute

​Kneeling Quad Stretch​

Do 10 reps on each leg alternately (Hold the position for 30 seconds)

Hurdler Stretch

Do 8 reps of hurdler stretch for each leg (3 sets and hold for 20 seconds)

You Can Do Two Routines From The Table:

● Routine 1: Warm-up, low-intensity cardio, leg toning, and cool down exercises (Day 1 and Day 4).

● Routine 2: Warm-up, High-intensity cardio, leg toning, and cool down exercises (Day 2, Day 5, and Day 6).

Following the daily workout routine, you will have two days to rest. The days 3 and 7 will be your rest days.

How to Get Skinny Legs Without Building Muscle With 3 Eating Modifications?

Now that we’ve cleared the exercise routines and combination to get skinny legs without building muscles, it is time to address the eating modifications that you should follow.

how to lose weight in your legs

No matter how dedicated or how consistent you are in your workouts if you have no control in your diet, you may end up achieving nothing at the end. All fitness gurus and enthusiasts could agree that a well-planned diet coupled with an appropriate workout combination will help you get the kind of shape you want your legs to have.

Here Are The 3 Eating Modifications That You Need To Know To Score Skinnier And Sexier Legs:

1. Watch Your Calorie Intake

It may sound absurd always to check the total number of calories the food has, for someone who is adamant of losing fats quickly, this is a normal routine. The same thing goes when you are trying to limit the fats in certain parts of your body.

Apparently, consuming more than the necessary daily calorie intake will only store excess fats in your body including your thighs. This will then be an added weight on your leg and thigh area. The ideal number of calories that women in the age bracket of 19-30 are about 2,000 calories. As your age increased, your calorie intake has to decrease.

how to reduce leg fat

2. Avoid Low-Fat Dairy Products

These products may seem like a good addition to your diet, but in reality, full-fat dairy products are more beneficial to your body than low-fat ones. The belief that low-fat and fat-free products are better than full-fat raw dairy products originated from a faulty research by Dr. Ancel Keys.

However, current health experts argue that the nutrients found in raw dairy milk and cheese actually help prevent serious diseases like skin problems, prostate complications, cancer, chronic diseases, and allergies, among others. Consuming low-fat and fat-free foods will only cut your nutrient source to combat these heath issues.

When it comes to meal plan, I recommend 5 small meals a day. Below is the table of my Calorie intake to get skinny legs:

Meal Plan for Skinny Legs


1 Hardboiled Egg

155 calories

1 Fruit

50-100 calories


Nuts (28 grams)

170-180 calories

Green Juice (16 oz.)

150-220 calories


2 Slices of whole Wheat Bread or Tuna Sandwich

260/290 calories

4 Tsbp of Avocado Spread

120 calories

Fruit Slices

200 calories (average)

Orange Juice (16 oz)​

204 calories​


1 Cup of Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

221 calories

1 Fruit

50-100 calories


Steamed Salmon (100 grams) or Cooked Chicken (142 grams)

274/240 calories

Vegetable Salad

​100 calories

Following this meal plan, you will consume about 1,854 to 2,130 calories a day. This is an acceptable calorie intake as the recommended calorie limit per day is 2000-2200 calories.

3. Drink More Water

Water is a vital part of a healthy meal. To further speed up the result of your workout, your body needs to be hydrated enough. Since cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are preferred to achieve a pair of skinny legs without bulky weight, you will have a tendency to sweat a lot from all the movements required in the exercises. Hence, you need to drink more water to replace the fluids lost during the workout.

how to get slim legs

Below Is The Recommended Water Intake While Working Out:

  • About two to three hours before you exercise, drink 17 to 20 ounces of water. This will help your body have enough fluid for the routine.
  • Drink another eight ounces of water 20 to 30 minutes during your warm-up exercise.
  • Every 10 to 20 minutes during your exercise, drink 7 to 10 ounces of water. This will keep your body hydrated all throughout.
  • Finally, drink 8 ounces of water 30 minutes after your exercise.

Final Thoughts

how to lose fat in thighs

Keeping your body in tip-top shape is not as easy as what most people initially thought. It takes more than just exercise and meal plan to succeed. Awareness and right information are also essential to put the plan into action.

Now that you know how to get skinny legs without building muscle, having that sexy, skinny legs are now within your reach. So ladies, listen up! With the right amount of dedication coupled with the right information, keeping and maintaining a pair of fit and sexy legs is indeed possible no matter your thigh type.

What leg exercises have you tried? Share your experiences and journey on how to get skinny legs without building muscle by commenting below!

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