How To Improve Posture While Sitting At Work With Different Techniques

Office work is hard especially when the job requires long hours being on a table and sitting on a chair every day. This kind of routine is never easy and can sometimes lead to certain sickness triggered by body inactivity.

You definitely would like to relax your body once in a while. But how can you do so without leaving your workstation? You can do this by finding the right position while sitting. Correct posture while sitting releases the tension from your aching back and muscular pain.

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How To Improve Posture While Sitting

Having a good posture at work is highly suggested for working people. The right posture makes the blood circulation flow better.

It makes the body energetic on doing daily activities, gives better task performance result, as well as allows you to feel good about yourself by having a good body stance.This is better than having slouchy shoulders caused by tiresome hours at work. So, how to improve posture while sitting at work?

Tips to Improve Posture While Sitting At Work

The following are some efficient tips on how to improve posture while sitting:

The Commonly Practiced Ways

  • Sit properly by aligning some parts of your body like your ears, shoulders, and hips.
  • After a few minutes, you can straightly move your back and shoulders to rest your back on the office chair.
  • If you are usually in front of a monitor, slightly move it upward to such a position where you can see the screen conveniently and avoid slouching. See to it that your feet lie flat on the floor.
improve posture at work

Simple Sitting Exercises

  • Put your hands at the edge of the chair, hold and place it carefully to support yourself from moving downward and upward while resting your feet steadily on the floor. Make a goal to do counts that you can finish and later on, set higher counts after being used to this exercise.
  • Do the same exercise while holding the arms of your chair. Do the same downward and upward movement on the chair.
  • Close your legs firmly and rest your feet on the floor, bend both your arms facing your face closing it in and opening it in front of your chest for 45degrees. Do counts of 8 and backward.
  • Imagine that you are in front of an exercise bike, lean your back straight to the chair and rotate your legs and feet as if pedaling a bicycle.
  • Make movements on making your arms move sidewards, as well as up and down on the count of 8.
  • Sit straight and try to move your arms forward, sideward (both sides), and upward. Give your best stretch for 10 seconds.
  • Cross your arms and hold your shoulders while sitting, and then move your upper body to the left and stop for 10 seconds then the right.
  • After a few minutes, you can straightly move your back and shoulders to rest on theoffice chair.
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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander, one of the most well-known posture technique in the 1890s. Its popularity came out when people made claims about being cured of their health problems.

However, the allegations were not enough evidence to support this as a medical treatment. Despite the situation, relief on using this kind of technique has improved posture to some who tried it out. This method includes some pointers to improve posture while sitting at work, which are advisable to people who use the computer a lot.

improve posture while sitting

How to improve posture while sitting applying the Alexander technique? Just follow the steps below:

  • Choose a firm chair for this technique. The best chair to use is one with an armrest and can support your thighs properly. It would also be great to choose a chair that has a backrest and is comfortable for your height. I wouldn’t recommend using a swivel chair for beginners of this technique as this might cause you to lose your balance when the chair suddenly turns.
  • Make sure that you keep your back straight and pay attention to your head. The end of your spine extends on the level of you ears. Thus, the position of your head is important to keep a straight body position. When sitting while applying the Alexander technique, you will not slouch nor bend your head down. Keep your back straight and look in front. So, when your half way through sitting, your back is lean forward but in a staight position.
best way to improve posture
  • In a sitting position, open your legs a little and rest your feet on the floor in 180-degree position. You can also use a footrest to be more comfortable. Please make sure that your thighs are bent into a correct degree angle. The recommended degree angle is 90-100 degree. Bending your legs at a much lower angle will make your back slouch forward.
  • Rest and lean your shoulders back. Make sure your shoulders are in relax position. To rest your back properly, you can choose a chair with a natural curve for back support. Also, keep your head upright but neutral over the shoulders.
  • You can either keep your hands straight at your side, or you can bend them at 90-degree angle, especially when you are facing a desk or table. When bending your arms, pay attention to your wrists. They should be in line with your forearms. Furthermore, your elbows should be close to your body at 90-100 degree angle.
correct posture for sitting
  • Feel the tension that your body releases while doing this technique. Maintain your balance as you do the activity. It is important that you keep your balance without losing the proper posture.​
how to improve your posture

How To Improve Posture While Sitting At Work: FAQ

  • Can a slouch position while working affect my posture?

Yes, a slouch position can change your body posture. Your body will get used to this position and will make you feel tired easily from any routine that you usually accomplish.

  • What can I do to have a good posture even when I sit most of the time during work?

Just follow the given activities and try your best to do it regularly. If this becomes a daily habit, it can give you relief and energy to go through all the activities.

Also, choosing the most comfortable chair while working can affect your posture. Hence, employers should invest in comfortable and quality office chairs.

  • Are these exercises safe to do?

Yes, they are safe to do as long as the instructions are followed according to the steps provided. If you have any medical advice that prevents you from these exercises, it’s best just to follow your doctor's advice to avoid complications.

However, you can consult your doctor again and ask for recommendations.

ways to improve posture
  • How to improve posture while sitting using tools or equipment?

There are some tools and equipment that you can use to improve your posture while sitting. One of which is using a stretch band. As you stretch your arms while sitting, you can use the band to expand your limbs further and release the tension.

You can also use a posture corrector or posture brace. This is a great alternative for people who do not have the time to do the exercise.

Posture corrector can support your back while sitting for long hours, and it helps you maintain a straight body position. Some posture correctors also come with a shoulder brace; hence, they can support both your back and shoulders.

Furthermore, some posture correctors can actually be worn under your clothes, making them unnoticeable to your colleagues. You can read our recommended best posture corrector for more information.

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Final Thoughts: Work Hard, Love Your Life

You must always remember to make something good for yourself after all your hard work. One best gift to have in life is to have a healthy body that can help you accept and live throughout the challenges in life.

Having a busy routine is not a hindrance to have some workouts and stay fit even when you are just sitting. The secret on how to improve posture while sitting is to look forward in doing it.

Having enough perseverance to push yourself to that level will surely help you reap a good body position. So, sit back, relax, and keep your body straight while working. Remember, no slouching!

Thank you for sparing some of your time reading this article. If you find this article helpful, let me know by commenting below!​

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