How To Keep Your Back Straight For Posture Improvement

The spine is vertebrae, a column of bones running down from head to buttocks. It's the spinal column containing the spinal cord, and serving as a connection between your brain to the rest of your body. In line with this, a normal and healthy functioning spine must not be absolutely straight.

Rather, your spine has natural curves that allow for a range of motion and better stability. There are cases that spine is in S shape. But the spine needs to be relatively straight with just a bit of lateral curvature. It's important to take care of your back in order to preserve its natural curve segments, along with those less curved segments.

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Take Care For Spine

If you want to keep your back straight, taking care of your spine must be a considered thing.

keep your back straigh

1. Strive good posture with suitable equipments

Posture maintenance while walking or sitting is very important for the function, shape, and the overall health of your spine. Having a good posture doesn't mean you need to keep it totally straight. It's all about alignment and balance, so that the regular balance of your spine would not be compromised. 

​The most common sign of bad posture is slouching. So you need to have your shoulders pulled back, with head up and lower back arched slightly when walking or sitting. A straight back reflects good health and great confidence.

When you are at work, be sure that your office chair has a lumbar support for your lower back. This lumbar support should be height adjustable. You have to ensure to get your computer in the eye level. If not, it can pose a risk for triggering headaches and staining your neck.

When you are at home, it's highly recommended to use small cushions for supporting your back when watching TV. You can also use some equipments to achieve good posture like posture corrector, back brace, back support belt .... 

They must be last option for most people with back pain and poor posture. However, they may be the first option for an adolescent with rapid progressive scoliosis.

2. Wear high quality shoes

In order to have a good posture and movement or biomechanics, your feet is the key because they are the base of body. Having a problem in your feet means discomfort. So, you need to wear sturdy shoes that have supportive arches, shoes with small heels, and room for toes to be free from wiggling.

keep back straight

Do not practice wearing narrow high heels on a regular basis. They are among the main causes of foot problems, which affect the center of gravity of the body and lead to push you forward. This can result to compensatory alignment in the spine and pelvis.

If you have short legs, flat feet, or overweight, consult with a chiropractor or podiatrist about getting heel lifts or shoe inserts for custom made orthotics.

This promotes a functional and aligned spine or pelvis through the support of your arches and compensation for any discrepancy on the length of your leg. Wearing high heels result to excessive curvature in your lower back.

3. Sleep On A Supportive Mattress

Sleeping position is another of the most essential element of straight back and body posture. 1/3 of your time is spent in bed so you have to pay more attention your mattress’ quality and sleeping posture.

For most, having firm mattresses is the best option, as they provide necessary support for spines. On the other hand, memory foam top covers help in making your sleep more comfortable. It's also recommended to change your spring mattresses every 8 or 10 years while the foam mattresses should be replaced earlier.

Rotating them weekly will help in increasing its longevity. The thickness of pillow has to match your shoulder’s width along as the ear’s. This will be helpful in keep your neck aligned during sleep.

4. Eat Foods That Are Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

straighten back posture

To be able to maintain a straight, strong and healthy bones, you need to eat enough vitamins and drink enough minerals regularly. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium from the mineral matrix of your bones, or having a dietary deficiency may result to brittle and weak bones, which are susceptible to breaking.

Another important vitamin is the vitamin D for strong bones, as necessary for regular mineral absorption. If you don't have enough vitamin D, you will have soft bones that can easily be deformed when bearing weight.

The best sources of foods rich in calcium include sardines, sesame seeds, spinach, collards, tofu, kale, almonds, and spinach. Good sources of vitamin D3 include hard cheese, fish liver oil, fatty fish like tuna, egg yolks, and beef liver. On the other hand, the best sources for vitamin K2 include chicken liver, hard cheese, fermented natto, salami, butter, and egg yolk.

5. Be Active More

Mild to moderate exercises provide countless of health benefits, which include increased muscle strength and potential weight loss, and thus, it helps prevent having overly stressed spine. Obesity has lots of pressure on peripheral and spinal joints, which make them more prone osteoarthritis.

They easily get wear out and misaligned. In addition, having strong muscles will keep your joints and bones in their optimal positions.

best way to straighten your back

But you have to also be careful not to overwork some muscle groups with a resistance training but they are ignoring their antagonist muscles, because this will be able to trigger poor spinal posture and musculoskeletal imbalance.

You may ask a physiotheraphist, personal trainer, or chiropractor about significant postural muscles before starting a training regimen at the gym or at home.

Doing exercises that can strengthen your spine are doing reverse sit-up, rowing machine, and lifting weight in the military press position.

If you don't like weight lifting, yoga and pilate can surely to help in strengthening, stretching, and aligning your core muscle groups such as low back, abdomen and pelvis. This will be the first big step to keeping your back straight.

Seek Help From Professionals

In addition to taking care of your spine, it is also highly recommended to seek professional help about how to keep your back straight.

how to straighten your back

1. Screening For Scoliosis

An abnormal lateral curve in the spine is called scoliosis. It is a condition that causes reduced range of motion, deformity, and chronic pain. Screening for scoliosis is most essential for adolescents because there are effective treatments that exist during this development stage, and thus, you will be able to stop or slow the progression of deformity

2. Consultation With Your Medical Specialist Or Doctor

If you are positive on scoliosis screening, you need to consult your medical specialist or doctor like orthopedist. They will examine your spine thoroughly and may take spinal x-rays to have better understanding of the extent of your issue.

Your doctor will also look for common causes of scoliosis during adulthood, such as osteoporotic fractures, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, and osteomalacia.

3. Consider Osteopath Or Chiropractor

They are professionals who use hands-on and natural methods to treat spinal problems, among other musculoskeletal issues. They will be able to check your spine for any abnormalities like restricted spinal facet joints, unusual curves, and tight paraspinal muscles.

Regular spinal treatments can help reduce or event eliminate the causes of spinal pain, and it promotes better posture for a straight back.

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A straight back will help make you more confident, look taller, and feel healthier and happier. Keep these tips in mind on how to keep your back straight, you will be able to make the most out of best posture in life.

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