How To Wash Running Shoes: Read our Step by Step Guide!

Running shoes are your best friend to get that perfect fit body that you’ve always wanted. You must have multiple pairs of running shoes just so you don’t have to clean them as frequently. The fact is your running shoes tend to get dirty only after a single use because of sweat and dust. Sometimes weather conditions are not favorable to maintain your pair of shoes as is for long. Bad smell can often render your running shoes unkempt and difficult to use.

Cleaning your shoes properly not only help you keep them in working condition but also help you to increase their durability and run life. For simple cleaning, all you need to have is your washing machine.

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Types Of Running Shoes

Depending on your feet type, the requirements change. Best running shoes (no matter which brand- Nike, pUma, or Adidas) are made to fall into one of these three different categories.

how to wash running shoes

1. Motion Control Shoes: These shoes have dual intensity soles, roll bars, and foot bridges. These extra midsoles reduce the rate of overpronation by emphasizing medical support.

2. Stability Shoes: These are the shoes made for extra comfort while running. They have extra cushioning and supportive features and design.

3. Cushioning Shoes: These shoes have cushioned shock absorption in its midsole as well as outsole regions. They have extra material added to the heels as well to increase cushioning and comfort.

How To Wash Running Shoes: Step by Step Guide​

Step by step process to wash each of the three different kind of running shoes.

Step 1

Clean the outer regions, cracks and crevices of the shoes with a soft cloth. Baby wipes could be an excellent choice for cleaning cloth. For Stability shoes, it is advised to use an old toothbrush to get the stubborn dust out of the shoes.

You can then apply an anti-grease soap on the outer regions of the shoe and clean off the grime.

Step 2

For the insoles or liners of Stability or Cushioning shoes, you need to put in some extra effort and wash them separately. It’s okay to leave the laces on or you can remove them for convenience and re-insert them after cleaning.

Step 3

Take the shoes and wrap them in separate pillow cases. Don’t forget to tie the ends of the cases into a knot so the shoes don’t fall outside.

washing running shoes

Step 4

put the wrapped shoes inside the washing machine and add laundry detergent as you would normally do.

Step 5

place two bath towels inside of a washing machine to cushion it. This is done to prevent the hard shoes from banging around the tub walls during the wash. place the liners back in the machine with the towels or you and hand wash them later. Switch on the washing machine and let it run for about 30 minutes.

Step 6

Let the entire wash cycle end and then take the shoe out from the machine. place your shoes mesh side up on the dryer and let them dry for about 15 minutes. Your shoes wouldn’t be completely dry after using the dryer, so you have to ultimately leave in the sun for a while.

Step 7

You should stuff the insides of your shoes because they may not be dryer safe. Use newspaper or towels to stuff them close. Stability shoes are great at absorbing water from the inner walls of the shoes. place your shoes and liners to let them dry.

Once they are dry you can reinsert them back into your shoes. You can add new laces if you think that’s practical.

Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Running Shoes

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while cleaning your favorite running shoes.

1. Don’t ignore the laces: Make sure they are as clean as your shoes because they add to the beauty and shine of your clean shoes.

2. Make sure you insoles are not smelly even after you’ve cleaned your shoes. The inner sides of your shoes need airing out at regular intervals.

washing sports shoes

3. Outsoles are the easiest to clean as you can see it clearly but sometimes grime and dirt on the outsoles are very stubborn. Make sure you get rid of the dirt by proper rubbing and dusting.

4. Don’t be afraid of getting your kicks dirty. Keeping them inside just to save them from getting dirty serves no purpose.


In this article, we have identified ways to keep your running shoes clean and new-looking forever. The washing machine is all you need to get the dirt off of your kicks, be it any of the three kinds of sneakers. Cushioning running shoes take the longest time to dry off and stability shoes are the easiest to clean off.

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