Intense Lower Chest Workout: Your Guide To A Sexy Body

For a lot of gym-goers, athletes, and weight lifters, the lower chest muscles are the hardest area of the chest to enhance entirely. But, that’s about to change!

When you walk into your local gym, you usually see guys pumping some iron. They are busy building up their chest muscles or their pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles. Some think that it is pretty hard to build up chest muscles. Yes, it is hard, but it is not impossible.

A well-defined, muscular pecs catch attention. However, what is important is that it also means you gain strength in your upper body. It helps a lot of gym-goers and athletes to perform at their best. When you develop your lower chest muscles, there are a variety of exercises to execute that target and work on these muscles. Here are some of the must-do lower chest workout:

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I. Best Lower Chest Exercises

Lower chest exercises are varied. However, in this article, we will provide you the most effective exercises which help to bring apparent result.

Performing Push Ups 

​Basic pushups are one of the most efficient lower pecs workouts.

To execute pushups, here are the steps to follow:

  • Position your hand on the ground shoulder-width apart
  • Place your legs after you
  • Maintain a straight alignment and try to support your body weight on your toes and hands
  • Do not bend your spine
  • Try lowering down your body on the ground as you bend your arms. Do this before going back up to your starting position.

What’s even better is that you can do full pushups by slowing down as you perform them. You may also wear a weighted vest.


  • Workout your entire body
  • Defines your core, leg muscles, and chest muscles
  • A workout that does not need gym equipment
  • Use endurance and body weight when performing your push ups


  • Technique difficulty
  • Decrease benefit with wrong form
  • Most people do push ups in a wrong way, causing risk for strain and injury
  • No benefits from cardiovascular exercises

Doing The Parallel Bar Dips

In doing the parallel bar dips, you must follow these steps:

  • Position your hands on the bars as your hands face internally
  • Balance the weight on your arms and your feet as you try to bend your legs
  • Try leaning forward. Then, bend your arms
  • Lower down your body, keep your arms parallel to the ground. Try to get back up into your initial position. Then, repeat once again.

To make this workout more challenging, you may obtain a weighted vest or have weights on your waist.


  • Works your triceps, shoulders, core, and chest muscles-Increases your stamina
  • A full body workout
  • You can do it in the gym with machines, or you can do it at home using pull up bars
  • Cutting lean arms


  • These exercises really push you to a point that you feel too exhausted
  • Doing dips are pretty hard
  • Some people do not go down completely because the exercise is so hard to execute

Executing The Bench Press

You may perform this exercise with a barbell or dumbbells. You can carry out this lower chest exercise by regulating an exercise bench.

  • Your head should be lower than your hips. Grab your weights at arms level
  • Put your hands above your pecs
  • Try bending your elbows and lower down your barbell or dumbbell to your lower pecs
  • Put the weight up again to your arms level and repeat the steps

By doing this exercise, you are supporting your body weight above your pecs. Thus, you may have a spotter when performing this chest workout to ensure safety.


  • -You can use more weight with this exercise
  • Stimulates large muscle groups
  • Builds size and strength of muscles
  • Increased stimulation of your lower chest


  • Decreases range of motion
  • When you only bring the bar down, you have extremely limited your distance when you shift the bar
  • Decreases activation of triceps and deltoids

Doing The High To Low Cable Crossover

When you carry out this chest exercise, you isolate your lower chest. You have to use a cable crossover machine.

  • Start by standing between two pulleys
  • Put the wires at your head level and grab the handles. Let your elbows bend slightly, but firm as you perform this workout
  • At your hand’s length, put your arms internally
  • Then, draw your arms downward, making your arms meet your hips. Maintain this position one to two seconds in every contraction before you gently return to your initial position. Repeat these steps as much as possible.


  • Cable machines are easy to utilize
  • Provides you proper form and technique
  • Allows you to have full movements with proper form
  • Enhances your range of motion
  • Less time spent on changing the weights
  • Decreases risk for injury-Isolates upper body muscles, including your chest muscles
  • You can support and balance out your body


  • Isolates muscles, making you work on just individual muscles
  • Leaves other muscles weak

Tips & Tricks For Lower Chest Exercises

When you perform the exercises mentioned above, you may also try these must-have tips to rip your lower chest:

Training Lower Pecs First

You should initially start your training with an exercise for that portion when your energy is at the peak. In this case, as your goal is to increase your muscle gains at your pectoralis muscles, you must do workout routines to work on this area.

When you apply this tip on your workout, you will notice how significantly your chest becomes stronger. The rule of thumb here is to focus on the target area with weights. Also, do not worry about pushing heavier weights.

Performing Second Lower Chest Exercise Later

Do you have to perform only a single lower chest workout per session? Well, you usually do different angles to define the muscles in your chest.

You often do inclines, declines, and flat benches in various angles for your first workout. You may also use machines that focus on your chest in different ways for a more improved chest.

However, you do not need to avoid doing other lower pecs workout. You may treat this as your second lower chest workout.

Aside from doing a second workout from a different angle, you must also train your muscles in various reps. When you do multiple exercises with different intensities, you are increasing your chances of developing the size and strength of your pecs.

Putting Emphasis On The Lower Chest With Single Join WorkOuts

The decline bench fly, high cable crossover, and cable fly are some of the exercises that target your lower chest. You are also increasing your pectoralis of getting rid of some contribution to your triceps.

When you perform single joint workouts, you may utilize a slightly higher repetition than you usually do with your bench presses. Just like any other isolation movements, these are executed at the end of your chest exercises.

Chest Muscles Exercise Post Recovery Day

Body builders or weight lifters usually do this method. It commonly amps their energy level and increases stocked glycogen at the peak of its supply after a rest day.

If you perform chest exercises in between your training week, ensure that you do not train your triceps or your delts before that day. Why? It is because they need to rest entirely for optimum recovery.

Workout Equipments For Lower Chest

When you execute these lower chest exercises, there is some equipment that may facilitate comfort and increases your performance. Here are some of the equipment you may use:

Isometric Workout Bar

Power Press Push Up

Joist Mounted Pull Bar

Our Rating

Our Rating

Our Rating

  • Includes extensive exercise wall chart
  • For total body workout
  • Uses system of Isometrics
  • Perform 36 intense exercises
  • Equipment as seen on the television
  • Colored push-up board
  • With heavy duty materials
  • QR code made on the board
  • Workout videos on YouTube
  • It is portable
  • Has non-slip materials
  • It has a cushion
  • With high-quality bar
  • Includes 4 mounting bolts
  • Steel materials
  • It has neutral grip handles
  • Works your whole body
  • Builds lean muscles quickly
  • You can perform static contraction workouts
  • Helps build strength and endurance
  • No multiple repetitions needed
  • Decreases risk for injury
  • Builds up lean muscles
  • Gain mass faster
  • Targets muscle groups like the chest, shoulders, back, and triceps
  • You can perform exercises in various positions and angles
  • You can burn more calories
  • You may build strength and muscles faster
  • Works for total body conditioning
  • This isn't a chin up bar that you assemble and disassemble
  • The chin up bar has a one weld construction
  • It can slip and break down after use
  • It is an equipment that enhances your dips, push-ups, and other exercises
  • The materials are solid and durable
  • A little hard to use at first
  • Some customers claim that the bars start to break after a few years of using them
  • Some users claim that this board produces intense muscle conditioning that often leads to muscle fatigue
  • Some customers complain that the grips are just too wide to grab
  • Some clients also claim that the bolts should be longer

Final Words

Every gym-goer and fitness enthusiast always dream of a good looking, solid chest! Efficient lower chest exercises are very crucial when you want to define your pectoralis major muscles. Not only that they build up your chest muscles, but they also sculpt an impressive upper body. Thus, it is significant that you include the lower chest workouts mentioned above.

Moreover, you can also incorporate some exercise equipment to balance out your chest and your other major muscles. Add these lower pecs exercises into your exercise routine and say goodbye to your flat chest!

And because we want to help you build up your lower chest, you may visit our site for more tricks and tips to execute the best lower chest exercises to have a stronger chest!

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